Bulk Actions

Bulk actions or bulk editing is an efficient way to complete certain actions to multiple sections at one time as opposed to completing the same action multiple times. For example, you can perform a bulk action to: 

  • Enable multiple users at the same time
  • Add multiple users to the same group
  • Enable multiple skills or set their proficiency to True

Actions that involve a unique identifier, such as setting a user's proficiency level for a skill, should not be completed through bulk editing if each user requires separate settings. Some actions can only be completed at the individual item level.

The Actions button only appears in CxEngage windows that allow for bulk editing.

Completing Bulk Actions

To complete bulk actions: 

  1. Go to the screen on which you want to perform a bulk action
  2. Click the checkbox next to the name of each item to which you want to apply the action
    Click the top-most box next to Name to select all of the items in a list
  3. Click Actions
    Available bulk actions will be listed
  4. Check the box next to the desired action
  5. Click Submit
    A message appears indicating how many items this action will affect
  6. Click OK
    One of the following messages displays:
    • Successful: A green confirmation message will advise that the bulk action was successful
    • Unsuccessful: A red message will advise that the bulk action was unsuccessful
  7. Close the panel by clicking the X in the upper right corner of the panel

Bulk Action Options

Window Bulk Action Options
User Management
User Management
  • Enable/Disable Users
  • Invite Now (For users who were added to the tenant but with the Invite Later feature)
  • Resend Invitation
  • Cancel Invitation
  • Reset Password
  • Change Skills
    • Add Skill
    • Update Skill
    • Remove Skill
  • Change Group(s)
    • Add Group
    • Remove Group
  • Set Platform Authentication
  • Set Default Identity Provider
Skill Management
  • Enable Skills
  • Set Has Proficiency (Can only be set to True for skills that do not currently have proficiency enabled)
Group Management
  • Enable/Disable Groups
Tenant Management
  • Enable/Disable Tenants
Integration Management
  • Enable/Disable Integration status
Business Hour Management
  • Enable/Disable Hours
Flow Management
  • Enable/Disable Flows
Queue Management
  • Enable/Disable Queues
Dispatch Mapping Management
  • Enable/Disable Dispatch Mappings

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