Downloading and Uploading Bulk List Items

If you have the MANAGE_ALL_LISTS role permission, you can download list items to a Comma Separated Value (CSV) file. This enables you to make edits to the CSV file and then upload the file back to your tenant.

Note the following considerations when creating or updating a CSV file:

  • The maximum number of list items is 1,000. If you need to extend this limit, contact your Account Representative.
  • The first column in your CSV file must be the key field. The key field is the first field defined in the list type object for the list.
  • For each row in the CSV file:
    • If the key exists in the list, the list item is updated when you upload the file.
    • If the key doesn't exist in the list, the list item is added when you upload the file.
  • To delete items from the list, add a delete column to your CSV file. For each list item that you want to delete, only the key field (first column) and the delete column are required. In the delete column, enter a value of TRUE to delete an item. The value is case sensitive, so ensure that TRUE is all uppercase letters.

To download or update bulk list items, navigate to Configuration > Lists and select the list that you need to edit. The list detail panel appears.

Downloading a CSV File

To download a file:

  1. Click Start Download.
  2. Open and edit the downloaded CSV file.
  3. Save the file locally.

Uploading a CSV File

To upload a file:

  1. Click Choose file.
  2. Select the file you downloaded and edited.
  3. Click Open.
  4. Click Confirm on the confirmation message that appears.

A message is displayed to tell you how many list items were added, updated, and removed.