Connecting Flow Objects

Flow objects or elements are linked in the Flow Designer using a directional arrow connecting an element to the next one in the flow progression. If objects are not connected properly, the flow will not function.

Creating a Connection

To connect the flow objects:

  1. Click anywhere inside of the starting element.
    This highlights the element and triggers the connection symbol (>) to appear next to it.
  2. Click on the connection symbol and hold the mouse button to trigger the connection line.
  3. Drag the connection to the subsequent element in the flow and drop it directly on that element.
    There is now an arrow moving from the first element in the sequence to the next one.

Connections are red until placed appropriately at which time their color changes to black. You can confirm the connection by moving either element. A proper connection line will move with the element, maintaining the connection. If the connection line does not move when either element is moved, the connection is not fully attached and you will need to delete it to try again.

Activities and Events have one connection originating from them as they have one function to perform before moving to the next item. Gateways act as decision points or enable parallel actions and require multiple connections to subsequent elements to support decisions or options

Deleting a Connection

To delete a connection: 

  1. Click on the connection line.
    The details panel opens on the right side of the window, confirming that the line was selected.
  2. Press Delete on your keyboard.
    The connection line will be removed.

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