Exporting a Flow

You can export a flow from one tenant and then import it into another tenant. Any version of a flow can be exported, including drafts. A flow can be exported in both View and Edit modes.

Exporting a flow extracts the definition of the flow to a file that you save to your computer. The file includes:

  • The name and ID of the tenant that created it
  • The names and UUIDs of all included entities such as media, queues, and lists

That file can later be imported to any other CxEngage tenant.

It is important to note that the file contains flow data and entity IDs, but not the individual entities. For example: 

  • The names and UUIDs of the media files used in your flow are included in an export file, not the media file itself.
  • If your flow invokes a reusable flow, the UUID for that reusable flow is included in an export file. The reusable flow as a whole or the notations within it is not included.

To export a flow: 

  1. Access the flow being exported, either in edit or view only mode.
  2. Click on the export icon (Image of the export flow icon. )at the top of the flow designer canvas.
    If there are validation errors in your flow, a warning message appears. Click Cancel to edit your flow or OK to continue with the export.
    A text file is generated and saved with the flow name and date/time stamp of the file generation.

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