Creating Dispatch Mappings

Dispatch mappings direct interactions to a flow. For example, you could map all incoming calls for a tenant to a specific number. That number will trigger a flow and the flow can do further, more advanced routing to agents with specific skills or to groups of agents.

You need to have a dispatch mapping configured for each of the contact methods available for your customers to contact you.

To create a dispatch mapping through the UI:

  1. Go to Flows > Dispatch Mappings.
  2. Click Create.
  3. Enter a Name for the Dispatch Mapping.
  4. Optionally, enter a brief Description for the mapping.
  5. Select the applicable Interaction Type.This is the channel that interactions of this contact type are received through.
    • Voice: telephony voice calls
    • SMS: text messages to or from a mobile device
    • Email: email messages to or from your company email address(es)
    • Messaging: interactive messaging, such as Facebook messenger
    • Work Item: a work item request, such as an interaction to be worked through your CRM
    • Any: includes any of the above channels
  6. Select a Mapping type and enter the Mapping Value. This is where you identify the direction and destination for interactions.
    • Customer: the customer's telephone number, entered in E.164 format
    • Contact Point: the telephone number, SIP endpoint, or email address being used

      Enter phone numbers in E.164 format. For example, +18005555565.

    • Integration: the service integrations available on your tenant that you want this mapping to point to
    • Direction: the direction of the interactions for this mapping
      • Inbound: Inbound interactions, including transfers from another agent. This includes queue callback requests, as they are created by an inbound customer in queue.
      • Outbound: Outbound interactions that are not initiated by an agent. For example, interactions created by a customer requested call.
      • Agent Initiated: Interactions initiated by an agent. For example, interactions created by an agent using the dial pad, Click to Dial, or Click to Email.
  7. Select the Flow to which the mapping directs calls from the Dispatch to flow list
  8. Click Submit

Dispatch Channel Configuration by Channel

The examples below may help you determine how to configure your own dispatch mappings.

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