Exporting and Printing Flow Diagrams

You can export any flow diagram in PNG or JPG format, or choose to print the complete flow. You can export or print your flow diagram while you are editing the flow in the Flow Designer, or while viewing a published flow.

To export your flow as an image or print a copy of it:  

  1. Access the flow that you want to export or print.
  2. Click on the Export button (Export Flow Icon) in the upper right corner of the Flow Designer canvas.
  3. Click on the action that you want to complete: 
    • Export to PNG
    • Export to JPG
    • Print
  4. If exporting an image, it is generated as the selected file type with the same name as your flow.
    If printing the flow, your print dialogue will open.
  Flows printed from Flow Designer may include additional white space surrounding the flow design that is included when printing. Avoid the additional white space by exporting your flow to an image first and then printing the exported image.


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