Flow Debug Logs

The Flow Debug Logs page is a tool used by an Administrator building or utilizing flows, to more clearly view the logic used in each flow on a per Interaction basis. The page can be found in the Flows dropdown menu of the UI, and utilizes the Debug Log flow notation. You can search using the Interaction ID of a call that has been placed through the flow using the Debug Log notation. This will output log data to help understand the flow logic, variables and steps taken through the flow during the interaction, as well as the timing for each piece of the flow being debugged. You will also be able to see all reporting events for the interaction in the output, such as interaction starts, queue entries and queue exits.

Required Permissions

In order to use the Flow Debug Logs, you will need:

  • An Administrator role, or
  • A custom role with the VIEW_FLOW_DEBUG_LOGS permission.

Before You Begin

In order to utilize the Flow Debug Logs page, you need to use the Debug Log flow notation in the flow design you would like to debug. You can place the Debug Log notation at any point that you would like to log. The flow version containing the Debug Log notation will need to be the active flow version when the interaction is placed.

  The Debug Log flow notation does not have a limit on the amount of times it can be used in a flow.

Debugging A Flow

Once you have placed an interaction through the flow you would like to debug;

  1. Retrieve the Interaction ID
  2. Go to Flows > Flow Debug Logs
  3. Enter the Interaction ID in the Search box

If a valid Interaction ID is entered, the window shows a pretty formatted JSON response. You can toggle from Pretty, to Raw format by clicking the Raw button above the window.


If you have entered an invalid Interaction ID, an error message will display stating “Invalid Interaction ID

Additional Options

Once you have successfully displayed debug logs for your interaction, you can export the logs by clicking the button in the top right of the page. This will export your logs as a JSON text file with the default name <Interaction ID>.txt.

Alternatively, if you do not want to export the log output, you can Copy the text by clicking the button above the top right of the output window.