Creating Audio Media Files

A digital audio media file adds a recorded voice, piece of music, or sound effect used for a media prompt. The audio file can be uploaded directly to CxEngage or by linking to a file stored online at a publicly accessible URL. For example, you can add a file saved from your computer or store the audio recording in a folder on your company website, in an Amazon S3 bucket, or a folder in a service like Dropbox.

CxEngage supports .mp3 and .wav audio file formats.

  1. Go to Flows > Media.
  2. Click Create.
  3. Enter a Name.
    Use a name that clearly indicates the purpose of this media prompt. If the prompt exists in multiple languages, it helps to include the language in the file names to easily identify them.
  4. Select Audio for the Type.
  5. Do one of the following: 
    • Click on the upload icon next to Upload Audio File, browse for the .mp3 or .wav file on your computer, and click Open, or
    • Enter the URL of the online file into the Audio File URL field
  6. Click Submit.

There are several flow notations that use audio media during a conferencing or queuing action to improve connection speed and reduce latency. Here are some tips to help provide optimal performance for those media prompts.

  • mp3 format is recommended, over wav
  • Preferred method to add a media file is with a publicly accessible URL
  • The length of the file shouldn't exceed the maximum expected time frame, such as a connection time

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