Media Lists

A media list is a single media record that includes multiple individual audio or text-to-speech (TTS) media files. In a flow, the files in the media list are played in sequence. The list can be used as one action instead of connecting multiple Play Media flow objects together for the same result. For example, you may have separate media files to greet a caller, introduce your company, and provide IVR selection options. With a media list you can play those three files as one action.

  Media lists can play up to 10 items in a single event. To play more than 10 items, you can create additional media lists and string Play Media notations together to play them.

Creating a Media List

To create a media list: 

  1. Go to Flows > Media.
  2. Click Create.
  3. Enter a Name for this list.
    Use a name that clearly indicates the purpose of this list.

    As a best practice, any object names should be consistent with variable name formatting and only include lower case letters and dashes, no spaces or special characters. For example, greeting-list-sales.

  4. Select Media List for the Type.
  5. Optionally, enter a brief Description for this list.
  6. Click in the Add item... drop down menu under the List Item(s) heading to expand the menu.
  7. Add the new list item by selecting from the existing media files or creating a new media prompt.
  8. Click the + next to the List Item(s) heading to add another list item.

    You can only add one list item at a time.

  9. Repeat steps 7 and 8 as needed until you have all of the desired list items, up to a maximum of 10 items. If you want to include more than 10 items, you can create another list to play immediate afterwards.

    You can click the x next to any list item to delete it if necessary.

  10. Click Submit.
    The media appears on the Media Management page as a Media List.

Using a Media List

A media list is used in an interaction flow. Select it for the Media parameter in the Play Media or Collect Digits flow objects, just as you would for a single media file. If a list is selected, each media item in that list will play in sequence as part of the single action.

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