Agent Scripts

Scripts provide information to agents and have options to collect data. A script can be used for a variety of purposes such as providing information or regulatory scripting for agents to read to callers, or providing a series of questions to ask and capture the responses. You can design a script that appears to agents when a work offer is accepted.

You can design scripts directly in Flow Designer using the Script notation and placing it within the resource portion of your flow. A script editor and design palette are available in the object's configuration settings. Additional script windows can be incorporated by using more than one Script notation and connecting them, or by using a decision branch with condition statements to present additional scripts based on agent input. Complete script transcripts are available as a Script Transcript Report.

You can design a script using any combination of the options below.

Script Option Description
Text The text option presents information to agents, or a script that agents read to callers. There is no option to collect any data or to retrieve a response.
Freeform Input The free form text option includes text that you can use to provide information, scripting, or instructions. It also includes a box where agents can enter free form text to capture any response or input. For example, you can use this option to present an open question and to document the response.
Dropdown Dropdown items provide text for a statement or question and a list of response options in a drop down menu. Only one item can be selected from the list.
Scale The scale feature provides a user defined rating scale that the agent uses to enter a selection. With the scale, you define the lowest and highest values as well as their labels. For example, you may use a scale option to ask the caller to rate the likelihood of their recommending a product on a scale of 1 to 5 where 1 is "Not at all likely" and 5 is "Extremely likely".
Image Use this option to upload an image to the script with a publicly accessible URL. There are no associated text or response options with an image.
Checkbox This option provides a statement or question, and a series of response options to select from by checking the associated box. Agents can only select one item.
Link Enter a complete URL address of an external link that agents can click on to access in a new tab or window.
iFrame Presents external or third-party content to an agent.


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