Silent Monitoring and Barging In

Supervisors and administrators can listen (silently monitor) to active calls between agents and customers. When you begin monitoring a call, you are muted so that the agent and customer aren't alerted that you are listening. You can unmute yourself (barge in) to join the conversation with the agent and contact. For example, if you're monitoring a call that is becoming a potential escalation, you can unmute yourself to provide assistance. When you barge in, both the agent and the contact can hear you.

You can silently monitor a call if:

  • The Silent Monitoring object is included in the flow that the call is received on.
  • You must have the default Administrator or Supervisor role, or a custom role that contains the following role permissions:

To silently monitor a call:

  1. Go to Reporting > Interaction Monitoring.

    The Interaction Monitoring page is displayed, listing all active and previously monitored interactions on your tenant.

  2. Locate the interaction that you want to listen to.
  3. Click Monitor in the Monitoring column for the interaction.

    You are now silently monitoring the call. Notice that the Monitoring Toolbar displays at the bottom-left corner of the window.

  4. Optionally, barge in to assist with the call:
      1. Click the microphone icon () to unmute yourself.

        The microphone no longer has a line through it, which indicates you are unmuted. You can now speak to the agent and customer in the call.

      2. Click the microphone icon () to continue silently monitoring the interaction in a muted state.
  5. To end your monitoring session, click the handset icon (CxEngage silent monitoring end call icon).

    Your monitoring session also automatically ends if either the agent or the customer ends the call.

Important notes:

  • If you can't monitor the call, verify that the Enable Silent Monitoring toggle is enabled in your flow's default settings.
  • Don't monitor calls that you are handling as an agent and monitoring as a supervisor under the same user name. If you monitor your own call and click the handset in the Monitoring Toolbar, the call ends for all participants instead of only ending your monitoring session.

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