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What's New: New CxEngage features are released on a quarterly basis as of 2019. In addition to the quarterly feature release, fixes and necessary updates to existing functions will be released and communicated here on a bi-weekly basis, as needed.

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2019 Q3 Maintenance Release: 2  

All Regions

October 26, 2019 11:00 UTC - 17:00 UTC  

Update: Twilio Client SDK Version

We have updated the Skylight suite of products to support the latest version of Twilio’s javascript Software Development Kit (SDK). The Twilio SDK 1.9.1 will now be used by default unless otherwise specified for tenants.

Fix: WFM Interval API Route Timeout

An issue was identified where for some customers the API calls for WFM Intervals were intermittently resulting in a 504 GATEWAY_TIMEOUT status being returned. This includes API calls for the Agent, Queue, and Agent-Queue interval data. Changes have been made to resolve the timeout issue.

Update: Queue Abandon Outside Threshold Formula in Historical Reporting V2

This feature is still in an Early Access stage. If you need access to this feature before it is generally available (GA), contact your account representative.

We identified an issue where Queue Abandon Outside Threshold was not being properly reported as an abandoned outside of SLA. As a result, we have updated the formula for Queue Abandon Outside Threshold in Historical Reporting V2.

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