Release Notes

Here's a summary of the features and fixes included with the latest release(s) to CxEngage.

  You can subscribe to updates from to receive email notifications for CxEngage platform issues. Prior to Q2 2020, subscribers were also notified of scheduled releases. We have since moved to a continuous release cycle that allows for new features and performance improvements to be released at a higher velocity, however it does not provide an email notification. Please check this page regularly for release details.

Details for historical releases are available below.

When logging in following a new release, you may need to clear your cache and internet browsing history for changes to be reflected.


What's New:

  • Fixes to CxEngage are released on a regular basis, as they are ready and fully tested. This includes fixes for CxQM. Details about those releases will be made available as they occur.
  • Releases that include new features or impacts to agent or supervisor behavior will be planned and communicated here in advance. Check back regularly to see what's new!

Latest Release(s)

A previous version of these release notes included a Historical Reporting release that has being rescheduled for a future date.

CxEngage Release 21.01.16  

European Region

January 16, 2021 04:00 - 08:00 UTC  

This fix will be released to tenants in the US region in a future release window.


EUROPE REGIONS: There is potential for loss of data on outbound email interactions sent by agents in EU tenants during this window, between 04:00 - 05:00 UTC (22:00 - 23:00 CST January 15). To prevent any loss of data, agents should wait to initiate or reply to any active email interactions until after this time. Agents should also refrain from refreshing their browser or otherwise ending an active email interaction during this time to ensure data retention.

Fix: Failing Email Interactions

We’ve resolved an issue where UTF-8 characters in file names for email attachments caused email interactions to fail.

  Some of the following fixes and updates apply to newly created items only (for example: analyses, dashboards, reports, visualizations). Release fixes and updates below marked with an asterisk (*) will only be visible on items created following this release.
CxEngage Release 21.01.13

All Regions

January 13, 2021

Fix: "NaNh" Showing as Time Value for Script Notifications in Skylight

An issue occurred with the time value presented when a script notification was received before accepting a work offer. The time value showed “NaNh”. We’ve resolved the issue so that a time value isn’t presented for the script notification when it’s received before accepting a work offer.

Fix: Selected Active Version Not Showing in Capacity Rules Management

Previously, after selecting an active version in a capacity rule and then saving it, the selected active version wasn’t listed in the column on the Capacity Rules Management page. Instead, the Active Version column was empty. We’ve resolved the issue so the selected active version is listed in the column.

Fix: Email Transcripts in Skylight

When viewing an email transcript associated with a contact in Skylight, the transcript now opens in an iframe.

Fix: Duplicate Interactions in Queue Table

Previously, if you had two Interactions in Queue Table in a custom realtime dashboard, you were unable to remove them from the table. This has now been resolved.

Fix: Custom Attributes Columns Remaining Between Custom Dashboards and Tables

We’ve resolved an issue where the selected view of custom attributes in a table or dashboard would remain when navigating to another dashboard or table in realtime reporting.

Fix: Recording Toggle in Skylight When "Record" is Enabled in Flow

An intermittent issue occurred where the recording toggle in Skylight wasn’t enabled after accepting a voice interaction even though Record was enabled in the Conference Customer In flow notation. The call recorded as expected, but agents were unable to determine based on the toggle. This issue has been resolved so the recording toggle is on (enabled) in Skylight in this scenario.

CxEngage Release 21.01.07

All Regions

January 7, 2021

Script Flow Notation Updates: “Automatically submit after timeout” and “Automatically dismiss without warning”

The Script flow notation has a new Automatically submit after timeout option with a configurable timeout. When you select this option, an open script automatically submits itself and then exits the Script notation normally after a configurable amount of time. The script has an exit-reason of script-timeout.

The existing Automatically dismiss without warning script option now has an exit-reason of script-auto-dismissed when an open script automatically dismisses itself.

  The default exit-reason is user-submitted, which occurs when the script is submitted by an agent clicking Submit on the script.

Important notes:

  • The Automatically submit after timeout option automatically submits itself after a specific amount of time. The Automatically dismiss without warning option automatically submits itself when the agent leaves the interaction.

  • The Automatically submit after timeout timer is disabled when wrap-up starts.

  • You can enable the Automatically submit after timeout and Automatically dismiss without warning options in the same Script.

  • If Script Reporting is enabled, the current values at the time of auto-submission for the Freeform Input, Dropdown, Scale and Checkbox types of script components are available to the flow and historical reporting.

Early Access: Updated Identity Providers Page

We are pleased to announce that an updated version of the Identity Providers management page is now available for early access. The upgraded page contains general improvements and can be enabled on the Early Access Features page in the configuration interface.

Previous Releases

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