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October 24, 2018 22:00 - October 25, 2018 04:00 UTC

Update: Throwing a Signal With an Event Branch in Flow Designer

We’ve updated the Event Branch notation in Flow Designer to enable an optional signal throw. You can now design your flows to include multiple outputs and a thrown signal from the Event Branch, after the branch's catches are initialized. The Event Branch's catches are initialized before the optional output signal is thrown.

Fix: Multiple Skylight Sessions

We resolved an issue that occurred when agents logged into two Skylight sessions with the same account. For example, if an agent was logged into Skylight and then logged into another Skylight session in another browser window or tab, the first session was terminated. If the agent had an active interaction in the first session, the interaction was also terminated. This no longer occurs.

Fix: Intermittent Connectivity Issues in the Skylight Suite

We resolved an intermittent issue that occurred when agents experienced Internet connectivity issues, such as when their Internet connection dropped and restarted. Skylight ceased to function, and the agent was unable to interact with the user interface to perform tasks such as accepting incoming interactions, changing states, or other such activities.

Fix: Error Message After Agent Internet Reconnect

We resolved an issue that occurred in the Skylight suite when an agent’s internet connection disconnects and then reconnects quickly. A misleading error message indicated that the agent’s session expired, and they must reload the page and log back in. However, the session had not actually expired. This error message is now only displayed when the session expired event is received.

Fix: Visual Notification in Skylight

We resolved an issue in the Skylight suite where visual notifications didn’t appear if the agent had another browser window open and Skylight was not currently in focus.

Fix: Two Screen Pops for a Single Skylight for Salesforce Interaction

We resolved an issue that occurred in Skylight for Salesforce where two screen pops were displayed for a single external screen pop in an interaction. One screen pop provided the matching URL, while the other screen pop was a blank tab or window. The blank tab or window no longer opens.

Fix: Click to Dial Calls from Skylight for Salesforce

We resolved an issue that occurred when making an outbound Click to Dial call from Skylight for Salesforce. This issue occurred if multiple records existed with the same phone number as the contact you wanted to reach. When you clicked the phone number to make the outbound call, the dial pad panel displayed a list of all contacts that have the same phone number instead of only displaying the phone number that you clicked. Updates have been made so that when you click on a number an internal screen pop to that contact appears and the call is automatically assigned to that record.

Fix: Customers Disconnecting While in Queue

An issue was identified with interactions where the customer disconnected while in queue. In some instances, the customer-disconnect event was missed, and flow would continue to locate a resource and conference the participants. Improvements have been made so that the flow will receive this disconnection events as expected.

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