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April 11, 2018 22:00 UTC - April 12, 2018 04:00 UTC (6 hours)

You may need to clear your cache and browsing history to see updates to the configuration user interface.

Generic Lists

We are pleased to announce support for generic lists.

  • Generic lists allow you to create customized lists of information that can be used by flow to lookup information or make routing decisions. To leverage Generic Lists, you first need to request a new list type to be created. This can be done by contacting your account representative or by opening a ticket with the support team. Generic Lists support the following field types: string, boolean, and number. The first field must be a string and will be a required field. All other fields can be required or optional.
  •  After you have a custom list type, you can proceed to create lists of that type. Each list can contain up to 1,000 items. Lists and list types are inherited to child tenants.
  •  In the Lists interface, you can now create a generic list that is defined by a custom list type. If you want a custom list type created for you, contact your account representative. After you have a custom list type, you can proceed to create lists of that type.
  •  The Lists interface allows you to manage your lists and add/remove/edit items in a list. The interface also provides controls for searching lists, pagination, and advancing to specific page.

To learn more about lists, see Lists.

Temporary Audio Recordings

CxEngage can now record a temporary audio file with a new flow notation called Record Audio. A participant can record a .wav or .mp3 file that can be played back elsewhere in the flow. These audio recordings are deleted from CxEngage when the interaction ends. Temporary audio recordings can be used in multiple ways. For example, a customer requesting a queue callback can leave a voice message that is played to the agent as the pre-callback media. Temporary audio recordings can also be uploaded to Salesforce objects as attachments by using the new SFDXE Upload Attachment notation, which is also included in this release.

Uploading Attachments to Salesforce

We've added a new flow notation called SFDXE Upload Attachment, which uploads a file to a Salesforce object as an attachment. For example, a temporary audio recording can be attached to a lead or case. This new data exchange notation includes configurable parameters to define the type and name of the file being uploaded, as well as the Salesforce integration and object ID that it is being uploaded to.

Removal of the Realtime Custom Statistics Page in the Configuration Interface

We are removing the Realtime Custom Statistics page in the configuration interface located at Reporting > Custom Statistics. Any statistics previously created on this page will no longer be available in reporting. You can still create and manage historical custom statistics within historical reporting.

Fix: Skylight Zendesk Closes Unexpectedly

We resolved an issue that occurred in Skylight for Zendesk. Zendesk no long hides the application window pane in which Skylight is loaded when the user interacts with Zendesk records. Agents no longer need not to manually reopen the window each time they interact with records in Zendesk.

Fix: Handling for Missing Translations in Contact Layouts

We resolved an issue in Skylight Desktop where “undefined” was displayed as the label for custom contact fields that did not have translations for the currently selected language. This is resolved so that any untranslated contact field labels will default to the English (US) translation, the English (GB) translation, or the next available language that has a translation if the previous ones do not. A banner will display "There are missing translations for the contact layout." when there are no translations for the currently selected language.

Fix: Script Presentation in Skylight Before Accepting Interactions

This release note item was updated with additional details on April 17, 2018 17:15 UTC

Previously, agent scripts could only be presented to Skylight users after an interaction was accepted. Updates have been made so that preview scripts can be presented prior to an active interaction, as they can in Agent Toolbar. For example, you can design a Click to Dial flow to present a script that includes a drop down menu with outbound ANI options. The selection can be assigned to the Outbound ANI parameter of the Click to Dial notation to specify the outbound ANI to use for the call.


To use a preview script from this example with Skylight, your flow must include an Assign notation that defines the resource and session ID that this script and outbound dial are assigned to. Configure the Assign parameters to retrieve those details as a variable that you can then assign your Script to.

  • Name: Enter a name for the variable being assigned, such as resource. This is the value that you will use when assigning a resource in your Script notation.
  • Value: {:id (render interaction/interaction.resource-id) :session-id (render interaction/interaction.session-id)}

This flow configuration is backwards compatible and works for any Agent Toolbar users as well.

Fix: Enlarged Text Boxes for Presence Reason Lists and Disposition Lists Categories

We identified an issue where presence reason list and disposition list categories displayed in a enlarged text box. We made updates so that the text box is standard sized, but can be expanded by clicking the box to view long titles.

Fix: Adding Categories and Values to Presence Reason Lists or Disposition Lists

We identified an issue that occurred when users canceled a change they were making to a presence reason list or disposition list. After canceling the change, categories and items couldn't be added to or removed from the list. This issue no longer occurs.

Fix: Categories Without Names in Presence Reason Lists and Disposition Lists

Previously, presence reason lists and disposition lists could be saved when they contained a category without a name. We've made updates so that an error is presented when the category name is left blank. Categories must have a name entered before the list can be saved.

Fix: Incorrect Error Message for Categories without Items

We identified an issue that occurred when saving a presence reason list or disposition list that contained a category without any items in it. Previously, an error message was presented that contained incorrect information about why the list couldn't be saved. We've updated the error message to indicate that the category must contain at least one item indented below it to save the list

Fix: Changing a Presence Reason List and Disposition List Item’s Value

We identified an issue that occurred when changing a presence list or disposition list item’s value multiple times. After changing the value several times, the drop-down menu of possible values appeared empty and users could no longer change the item's value. This issue no longer occurs

Fix: Placing Customers on Hold after a Queue Callback

Previously, customers couldn’t be placed on hold during a queue callback if that callback was to a different phone number than the one that they called in with. Now, when a customer is called back at a different phone number, agents can place the customer on hold.

Fix: Queue Callbacks Requested While Work is Offered to Agents

This item was added to the release notes on April 16, 2018 16:35 UTC

We identified an issue with standard and customized queue callbacks. If the inbound call was sent to an agent at the same time as the callback process being initiated for that customer, the call would not connect, nor would the callback occur. Updates have been made so that as soon as a customer indicates they would like a callback, they are removed from the inbound queue and only the callback request proceeds.

Fix: Reporting for Custom Queue Callbacks

We resolved an issue with how callback requests were reported for flows using custom queue callbacks, included with our previous release. Previously, when customers disconnected after requesting a callback, the interactions were reported as Queue Abandons. These interactions are now reported as Queue Callbacks Requested.

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