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What's New:

  • Fixes to CxEngage are released on a bi-weekly basis as maintenance releases. This includes fixes for CxQM. Details about those releases will be made available as they occur. Check back regularly to see what's new!
  • Feature Releases are scheduled on a seasonal basis, allowing one season for detailed planning and cleanup. Feature releases may also include any maintenance items or fixes for CxEngage that are ready to be released at that time. Expect feature marketing releases for Spring, Summer, and Winter seasons with our first Spring Release completed on June 5, 2021 and the Summer Release on October 9, 2021.
  • Standard fix and maintenance releases will continue to use the blue header details, while feature releases will be identified by a more obvious black and gray header.

Upcoming & Recent Release(s)

NOTE: When logging in following a new release, you may need to clear your cache and browsing history for changes to be reflected.

CxEngage Summer Feature Release 21.10.09
All Regions October 9, 2021 12:00 - 15:00 UTC

CxQM for Digital Channels

We are pleased to announce that CxQM has been expanded to include all digital channels and SMS. Transcripts for all channels are available in CxQM’s Recording > Playback screen. Clicking on an interaction will open the transcript. Evaluations can be completed on transcripts in the same manner with Voice and Email interactions.

Rich Text Messaging for Digital Channels

Our digital channel integrations (web chat, Facebook Messenger, and WhatsApp) now support rich text messaging. This enhancement allows for customers to send messages that include non-plain text messages to your contact center including images, files, and locations (previously released for chat with 21.09.11).

Chat and Facebook interaction flows can be configured to send action buttons in the message to make it easier for customers to reply. This rich text configuration is completed with the new Send Rich Message flow notation. Web links can be inserted as buttons, location requests sent, and a carousel for horizontally scrollable cards containing text, image, and action buttons can be configured.

  Please note that this enhancement is for customer messages. It is not a Skylight text editor. CxEngage does not replicate the customer’s experience for Skylight users. For example, while a customer may see buttons in their message window, Skylight and message transcripts will show the button’s labels.

Send Rich Message Flow Notation

A new flow notation has been created to configure rich text messaging for digital channel interaction flows. The new notation, Send Rich Message, is available under the Media section of the Flow Designer palette. With this notation, you can configure non-plain text messages including expressions, text, images, forms (web chat only), files, and location requests.

Skylight Tools Menu: Test Connection Link

A new Skylight menu is available for some tenants that will provide agents with a Tools menu, including a link to test their Skylight connection. When enabled, the Tools menu includes a “Test Connection” link that agents in a Not Ready state can click to open a new tab/browser to

  This option is only available for direct customer tenants who request it. Please contact your CxEngage account representative to have it enabled.

Updates to Check Resource Availability Flow Notation

The Check Resource Availability flow notation has been updated with two new parameters.

  • Allocatable Resource Direction: If Include Allocatable is enabled, this required dropdown allows you to select how to define the agent’s direction (Interaction Direction, Any, Inbound, Outbound, Do Not Disturb outbound).
  • Busy Resource Direction: If Include Busy is enabled, this required dropdown allows you to select how to define the agent’s direction (interaction Direction, Any, Inbound, Outbound, Do Not Disturb outbound)
  Existing interaction flows with the Check Resource Availability notation will continue to function with their current design, but the next time one is edited and either of those status options are enabled the user must selection the direction assignment in order to save or publish the new version.

Updates to Configuration UI Pages

The existing Early Access versions of the following configuration UI pages will be moving to their next stage of general availability and will be enabled by default for all tenants. Users can revert to the former version by disabling the page in Early Access Features.

  • Tenants Management
  • Integration Management
  • Identity Providers
  • Capacity Rules Management
  • Media Management

A new Early Access version of Queue Management is now available but will disabled by default. Users can select the Early Access version by enabling the toggle in Early Access Features.

Fix: Forced Disposition not an Option When Using Variable in the Same Flow

An issue was reported with forced dispositions in reusable flows. If the disposition code was set to a variable, the Force Disposition Select field was not showing in the Work Offer Flow notation on reusable flows. Updates have been made so that the option is visible on reusable flows for variable disposition as well as specific values.

Fix: Flow Designer Updates for Chrome v92

A recent Chrome update resulted in some compatibility issues with CxEngage’s flow designer, such as problems with importing flows when using the updated version of Chrome. Updates have been made to support the new version of Chrome and avoid those issues.

Fix: Help Links in Configuration UI

Some of the “?” links in the configuration UI were pointing to incorrect URLs. We’ve updated the links to Help topics on the following pages:

  • API Key Management
  • Chat Widgets
  • Whatsapp Integration Management
  • Contact Attributes

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