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What's New: CxEngage releases are scheduled biweekly, effective April 2020. These releases include new features as well as updates and fixes to existing functions.

Latest Release(s):

CxEngage Release 20.04.04  

All Regions

April 4, 2020 11:00 - 17:00 UTC  

These release notes have been updated with new information as of April 2, 2020 20:30 UTC.

CxQM Updates

A previous version of these release notes contained updates to CxQM including timezone support, recorder capacity, and scalable screen capture. These items have been removed, and will be rescheduled for an upcoming release instead.

Deprecating Agent Toolbar

Google is planning to update the Chrome browser to version 81 with their upcoming release. With this update, the Twilio version used by Agent Toolbar, the initial agent platform created with CxEngage, is no longer supported by Chrome. Anyone using the Agent Toolbar can contact their account representative to upgrade to Skylight.

  Agent Toolbar has not been used for new CxEngage users since the launch of Skylight in 2017. The breaking changes being introduced by Chrome to the Agent Toolbar do not have any impact to the Skylight suite of products.

Updates to our CxEngage Help documentation will be made in the coming weeks to remove Agent Toolbar instructions and redirect users to the applicable Skylight function.

File Attachments in Chat

The integrated chat solution now supports attachments in messages. Customers and agents can include standard file formats including images, gifs, documents, and audio/video files that are sent within chat messages. The files are included in historical reporting data and available in chat transcripts.

Fix: Unsaved Changes For Draft Versions of Capacity Rules

The following issues occurred when creating a draft version of a capacity rule and then navigating to another capacity rule before saving the draft.

  • A warning message wasn’t presented to warn users that unsaved will be lost.
  • If the user attempted to create a new draft version on the second capacity rule, the configuration of the other draft version showed. The user was then unable to save the draft.

To resolve these issues, a warning message is now presented in this scenario so the user either discards the changes before opening the second capacity rule or continues working on the current draft.

  Known Issue: If you select any capacity rule directly after discarding the changes to a draft capacity rule, the Unsaved Changes warning appears again. This message is presented even though there are no longer any unsaved changes. To proceed with opening the capacity rule’s details panel, click OK on the Unsaved Changes warning. This issue will be addressed in an upcoming release.

Fix: Active Version Not Showing in Capacity Rules Management

We resolved the issue of the empty Active Version column in Capacity Rules Management. The Active Version column now displays each capacity rule’s active version.

Fix: Order of Assigned Presence Reasons Lists in User Management and Skylight

Previously, the order of the presence reasons lists assigned to users were inconsistent in the User Management page of the configuration UI and in Skylight. We’ve made updates so they are listed in ascending alphabetical order (A-Z) in both places.

  Presence Reasons Lists are listed in ascending alphabetical order by default in User Management . If you sort them to view in a different order, it doesn’t change the order they are listed in Skylight.

Fix: CxQM Tracking ID Filter Displaying Null Values

An issue was found when using the Tracking ID quick filter in CxQM. When the Tracking ID field was blank for a call, the option in the filter displayed the text as “null”. This has been updated so when the Tracking ID field is blank, the filter option displays an empty field.

Fix: Results for Saved Searches/Interactions Not Showing in Quality Management Recordings

An issue occurred in Quality Management (CxQM) when double-clicking a saved search in Recordings > Saved Searches/Saved Interactions. The results were not displayed for the saved searches and interactions. We resolved the issue so that all results are displayed for the saved searches and interactions in this scenario.

Fix: Download Media File Error in CxQM

An issue was found when attempting to download an audio file of an interaction in CxQM. If the “Interaction ID” or “Segment ID” columns were not displayed or used on the Quality Management page, and a call was attempted to be downloaded, the download failed with an error stating “No data found”. This has been resolved so media files can be downloaded whether the “Interaction ID” or “Segment ID” are in use or not.

Fix: New Interaction Generated in Chat

We identified an issue where a customer could not send a chat message using the integrated solution after the interaction flow had terminated. We resolved this issue so the message is generated on a new interaction.

Fix: Agent Response Text Area Alignment in Skylight

We corrected an alignment issue that appeared at some resolutions in the agent response text area (messaging text input) in Skylight.

Fix: Email Addresses with Capital Letters in Skylight Desktop Contact Records

An issue occurred when attempting to add an email address containing capital letters to a new contact record in Skylight Desktop. The email field was outlined in red and the Create button was grayed out, preventing the record from being created. We’ve resolved the issue so that email addresses with capital letters can be added to contact record.

Fix: Interactions On Hold After Adding a Second Participant in Skylight

An issue occurred in Skylight when an agent added another agent as a participant to the and then disconnected prior to the second agent accepting the work offer. In this scenario, the interaction continued to be on hold after the second agent accepted the work offer despite being the only agent currently in the interaction. We resolved the issue so that, in this scenario, the interaction is not on hold when the second agent joins and is the only agent in the interaction.

Fix: Chat Disconnect Minutes Value Time Reset Upon Transfer

This item was added to the release notes on April 2, 2020 20:30 UTC.

Previously, the Client Disconnect Minutes values follow transferred interactions, which considered the time that the first agent left their last message. Therefore, transferring a chat conversation would not reset the Client Disconnect Minutes value, causing the chat interactions to end if the customer did not respond to the first agent’s message. This has been resolved so the Client Disconnect Minutes value is reset upon transferring an interaction.

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