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What's New: New CxEngage features are released on a quarterly basis as of 2019. In addition to the quarterly feature release, fixes and necessary updates to existing functions will be released and communicated here on a bi-weekly basis, as needed.

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2019 Q2 Maintenance Release: 2  

All Regions

August 17, 2019 11:00 UTC - 17:00 UTC  

Fix: Starting Notation in Flow

Customer flows must begin with an Entry notation to initiate the flow. We identified an issue where a flow could be designed and published with a different notation preceding the Entry notation, which shouldn’t be allowed. Updates have been made to avoid this from happening. If a user attempts to publish a flow with a starting notation other than Entry, an error advises that “Start elements can not have parents”.

Fix: No Results Returned in the Interactions in Queue Table

An issue was identified with the Interactions in Queue table in realtime reporting. On large tenants with many queues, the table was blank and displayed “No Results Were Found” when there were interactions waiting in the queue. There were also no results returned for interactions-in-queue-list in the realtime API. We resolved the issue so that the table and API request return the details for the interactions waiting in queue in this scenario.

Fix: Error Message When Viewing Contact Interaction History in Skylight Desktop

We resolved an intermittent issue where the error message "12002: Failed to get interaction history for the contact ID specified " was presented when attempting to view a contact's interaction history in Skylight Desktop.

Fix: WFM API Timeouts

Updates have been made that optimize queries and improve the overall speed and performance of WFM API requests.

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