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Here's a summary of the features and fixes included with the latest release(s) to CxEngage.

  You can subscribe to updates from to receive email notifications for CxEngage platform issues. Prior to Q2 2020, subscribers were also notified of scheduled releases. We have since moved to a continuous release cycle that allows for new features and performance improvements to be released at a higher velocity, however it does not provide an email notification. Please check this page regularly for release details.

Details for historical releases are available below.

When logging in following a new release, you may need to clear your cache and internet browsing history for changes to be reflected.


What's New:

  • Fixes to CxEngage are released on a regular basis, as they are ready and fully tested. This includes fixes for CxQM. Details about those releases will be made available as they occur.
  • Releases that include new features or impacts to agent or supervisor behavior will be planned and communicated here in advance. Check back regularly to see what's new!

Latest Release(s)

CxEngage Release 20.09.21

All Regions

September 21, 2020

Fix: Deleting Branding Fields for Chat Widgets

Chat widget users were unable to remove the values for some of the chat widget configuration fields for branding. Attempts to delete information and save a blank field for Button Icon URL, Business Name, Business Icon URL, or Background Image URL resulted in an error message. Updates have been made so that values can be removed from these fields and edits saved.

CxEngage Release 20.09.18

All Regions

September 18, 2020

These release notes were updated on September 18, 2020.

This release was previously scheduled for September 16, 2020.

New Drop-Down Extension Selection Panel in Interaction Monitoring

We are pleased to announce a new drop-down extension panel in Interaction Monitoring to improve the overall supervisory experience. When starting a new monitoring session, Supervisors are now prompted with this panel to choose from one of their configured extensions. Extension choices in the panel display in the same order they are configured in your User Management panel.

You may need to clear your cache and reload your browser to see the interaction monitoring enhancements.

A warning now displays when the supervisor attempts to monitor without any configured extensions or while they are currently online in Skylight. Previously, the WebRTC extension was the default. In order to use another extension, Supervisors needed to log into Skylight, become available, and log out.

To use this new feature, go to Reporting >Interaction Monitoring and click the Monitor button on the interaction you are going to monitor.

  Known issue: You may experience a timeout error when monitoring an interaction. This timeout error does not prevent you from monitoring the interaction. This will be fixed in an upcoming release.

The previous Silent Monitoring page has been removed.

  While Silent Monitoring is still available through the Interactions in Conversations table in Realtime Dashboards, monitoring through the Interaction Monitoring page is recommended now that the drop-down extension panel is available.

Update: In Queue Time Format in Realtime Dashboards

Previously, the In Queue Time metric formatted in hours, minutes, and seconds (hh:mm:ss). This has been updated to include the day and now formats as days, hours, minutes, and seconds (dd:hh:mm:ss).

Update: Confirmation when Deleting List Items

Now, when you delete an item from a list (in Configuration> Lists), a confirmation box opens to verify that you want to delete the item. The message also alerts you that the action can’t be undone.

Update: Pagination on Management Pages in the Configuration Interface

The Show per page menu on management pages now only shows options that correspond to the total number of items for the given page. For example, if there are 6 items, the Show per page menu only shows 5 rows and 10 rows as options. If there are 5 or fewer items on the page, the Show per page menu isn’t shown. Previously, all options showed even if they exceeded the the total number of items on the page.

Fix: Error When Cancelling and Recreating an Initial Version in Statistics Management

An error was presented when attempting to save a new SLA after cancelling the initial version and creating it again without a description. We’ve resolved the issue so that the SLA can be saved successfully without an error message in this scenario.

Fix: Unclear Text on Change Password Page

We made the help text for the New Password and Confirm Password fields darker and easier to read on the Change Password page.

Fix: Twilio Extension in User Management

We resolved the issue of the Twilio extension showing for users in User Management after disabling WebRTC in the Twilio integration. Now, the Twilio extension doesn't show when WebRTC is disabled.

Fix: Avg Hold Time Appearing Twice in Realtime Dashboards

Previously, Avg Agent Hold Time and Avg Hold Time were both displaying Realtime Dashboards. This has been corrected so only Avg Agent Hold Time appears.

Fix: Reset Branding to Default Toggle in Tenant Management (Early Access)

We’ve updated the Reset Branding to Default from a toggle to a button on the early access Tenant Management page.

Fix: Viewing Versions or Updating Draft Flows in a New Tab or Window

When right-clicking on the View button for published flow versions or the Update button on a draft, the option to open in a new tab or window wasn’t presented. This issue has been resolved.

Fix: Typo in Impersonation Message

Previously, the word “setted” appeared in the impersonation notification message. This has been corrected to “set”.

Fix: Unsaved Changes Warning for Capacity Rules

An issue occurred when editing capacity rules in tenants with at least two capacity rules. When adding a new version to a rule and then cancelling to discard the rule’s changes, an unsaved changes message appeared as expected. However if, after clicking OK on the message, a capacity rule was clicked (the same one or a different one), the unsaved changes message showed again. We’ve resolved the issue so the capacity rule’s details panel now opens instead of the message.

Fix: Multiple Items Highlighted in Configuration Interface Menus

Previously, when moving your mouse pointer over the items in some menus, multiple items were highlighted. We’ve made updates so only the selected item or the item your mouse pointer is hovering over is highlighted.

Fix: Bulk Actions When No Items Are Selected

Previously, when there weren’t any items selected on a management page, “Unselect All” and “Unselect All Visible” were available to click in the Actions menu. We’ve made updates so that these two options are greyed out and can’t be clicked when there aren’t any items selected.

Fix: Dropdowns in Realtime Dashboards

An issue was identified where dropdowns for Agent/Resources, Queues, Skills, and Groups in Realtime Dashboards were no longer sorting in alphabetical order. This has been resolved.

Fix: Users with the VIEW_ALL_ROLES Permission Can Edit But Not Save Changes to Roles

An issue occurred when users had the VIEW_ALL_ROLES permission but not the MANAGE_ALL_ROLES. When the user opened the side panel for a role, they could edit the role. However, when they clicked Submit, an error was presented and the changes weren’t saved. We’ve made updates so the role can be viewed, but all fields are grayed out and can’t be edited if the user only has the VIEW_ALL_ROLES permission.

CxEngage Release 20.09.14

All Regions

September 14, 2020

Additional Languages Supported in Skylight Toolbar

We’ve updated Skylight (Toolbar) to support an additional 10 localized language options:

  • Chinese, Simplified
  • Chinese, Traditional
  • Czech
  • Dutch
  • Finnish
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Norwegian
  • Swedish

Change your Skylight language by clicking on the globe icon (Localization Settings) in the lower left corner of your toolbar login screen.

  The new localization options are currently available for standalone Skylight (Toolbar), including Skylight for Salesforce and Zendesk. They will be added to Skylight Desktop in a future release.

Update: Localized Translations for Skylight Statistics

We’ve updated the localized translations to include names of statistics available within Skylight for agents to select.

Update: Order of Outbound Identifiers in Skylight

Previously, outbound identifiers in Skylight were listed in the order they were entered in the configuration interface. Now, outbound identifiers are listed in ascending alphabetical order.

Fix: MQTT Error Messages in Skylight

If the MQTT connection used for SMS, Facebook, and Messaging SDK interactions is interrupted an error banner is presented to Skylight users advising them that messages are unavailable until reconnected. Previously, the error message was presented on all interaction types including those that do not use this connection such as voice calls. Impacted interactions would continue fail by not being able to send or receive messages even after the connection was restored. Now, the message is only presented on applicable interactions and is automatically removed when the connection is restored. In addition, impacted interactions can send and receive new messages when the connection is restored.

Fix: Localization Updates to Dial Pad’s ANI

The “ANI” displayed in the Skylight dial pad has been updated to translate according to the selected localization settings.

Fix: “Interactions0” in Skylight Desktop Contact History

Previously, “{number of interactions} Interactions0” showed in a contact’s history in Skylight Desktop. This issue occurred when the Reporting API returned “0” as the earliest interaction timestamp for the contact history. We’ve made updates to remove the “0” so that “{number of interactions} Interactions” shows instead.

CxEngage Release 20.08.26

All Regions

August 26, 2020

Fix: 5003 Error with Screen Pops in Skylight Desktop

We resolved an issue where flows with strict or URL screen pops resulted in a 5003 error in Skylight Desktop.

CxEngage Release 20.08.25

All Regions

August 25, 2020

Update: Browser Support for Clicking Notifications in Skylight

Previously, notifications in Skylight could only be clicked when using Chrome as a browser. Now, notifications can be clicked in any of our supported browsers with the exception of Firefox. For the ability to click notifications in Firefox, set dom.disable_window_flip to disabled in the browser settings.

Update: Missing Translations in Skylight

We've made updates to Skylight to add translations that were previously missing (for example, some field names).

Fix: Error Message When Logging Out of Expired Skylight Session

An issue occurred when attempting to log out of Skylight when the session had already expired. The agent got an error message saying that they couldn’t be logged out even though they were already logged out. The issue has been resolved so that when the session expires, the agent is logged out when they click the logout button. The error message is no longer presented.

Fix: “Invalid Date” in Skylight

An issue occurred if auto-answer was disabled and agents used a PSTN or SIP extension to accept interactions in Skylight. The text “Invalid Date” showed next to the customer’s phone number in the interaction management panel. We’ve resolved the issue so the correct elapsed time shows instead.

Fix: null Screen Pop Terms Causing 5002 Errors in Skylight

An issue occurred where null screen pop terms (for example, caused by unassigned variables from the flow or failure to format phone numbers in flow) resulted in a 5002 error in Skylight. This issue has been resolved so that, in this scenario, the work offer for the interaction is presented successfully without the error.

CxEngage Release 20.08.24

All Regions

August 24, 2020

Update: Improved Facebook Listener Stability

Listener stability has been improved for Facebook Integrations.

Fix: IVR Abandoned

Previously, interactions that abandoned before IVR were not included as an IVR Abandoned. With this release, interactions that abandoned before IVR will be included as IVR Abandoned.

  Interactions that occurred prior to this release will still be marked incorrectly. This will be resolved in an upcoming release.

Fix: Changing CxEngage User Role Permissions Removes CxQM Permissions

Previously, when adding or removing user permissions on a CxEngage role, CxQM permissions were also removed. Now if CxEngageuser permissions change, CxQM permissions remain as configured.

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