Release Notes

Maintenance items and fixes to CxEngage and CxQM are released as needed throughout the year. In addition to the maintenance items and fixes, new features are released in the Spring, Summer, and Winter. This release note reflects changes to CxEngage and CxQM that were made since the last release.

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Important: Following a release, you may need to clear your cache and browsing history for changes to be reflected.
Some updates require a reload of your browser.

  • In Chrome on Windows, press CTRL + F5.

  • In Chrome on Mac, press Command + Shift + R.

For best results, after performing a reload, log out of and then log back into CxEngage.

Skylight and CxEngage are optimized for Chrome. Reload instructions may vary for other internet browsers.

What's New

Here is a summary of the features and fixes included with the latest release(s).

CxEngage Release 22.09.24
All Regions September 24, 2022 12:00 - 15:00 UTC

Fix: Site Colors Empty in Tenant Management (CXV1-28586)

In some cases, when managing tenants in CxEngage Tenant Management, the Edit Panel failed to load correctly.

This error has been fixed.

Fix: Unable to Download Recording (CXV1-28767)

Although multiple recordings are available on the report, when you attempt to download different Twilio recordings, the same recording is downloaded no matter which one you selected.

This issue is fixed, and the correct recording is now downloaded.

Fix: Reporting Issue with Reports (CXV1-28660)

The known reporting issue when the user opens a report and sometimes receives an error that data could not be retrieved has been fixed.

Previously the user had to click Reload for the report to run properly. Now, the report automatically retrieves the data.

Fix: No Data in Downloaded Interaction Report (CXV1-28768)

Sometimes when exporting a report, the data section of the report was blank. This has been fixed. Data is now properly exported.

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