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What's New:

  • Fixes to CxEngage are released on a regular basis, as they are ready and fully tested. This includes fixes for CxQM. Details about those releases will be made available as they occur.
  • Releases that include new features or impacts to agent or supervisor behavior will be planned and communicated here in advance. Check back regularly to see what's new!

Latest Release(s)

CxEngage Release 21.05.08  

All Regions

May 8, 2021 12:00 - 15:00 UTC


These release notes were updated with additional information on May 7, 2021 at 16:30 UTC.

Update: Allocation Services (EU Region)

This item was added to the release notes on May 7, 2021 at 16:30 UTC.

Improvements have been made to the allocation mechanism used for incoming queue interactions on tenants in the European region. This update will also be released to North American tenants in our next maintenance release on May 22, 2021.

Fix: Checking Business Hours

When checking business hours, the API was incorrectly treating the end dates as exclusive instead of inclusive. Specifically, check requests on the end date of a rule returned closed instead of open. We have now resolved this issue.

Fix: Business Hours Following Time Change

We identified an issue where set business hours did not recognize a recent time change to Daylight Savings Time, resulting in open/close hours not taking effect as expected. Updates have been made to resolve this.

  This item was previously released on April 24, 2021 but then rolled back on April 26, 2021 due to other issues related to the release.

Fix: Adding a Chart in Historical Reporting

Previously, when adding a chart in Historical Reporting users would receive an error message. This has been resolved.

Fix: User Management Error Message

Navigating to the Interaction Monitoring page and then the User Management page sometimes presented an error message incorrectly advising “Subscription to statistical data of agents failed unexpectedly. Please reload the page.” This has been resolved.

Fix: Previous Sessions Appearing in Skylight

We’ve resolved an issue where inactive agent sessions were appearing in Skylight.

Fix: Email Body “Squashed” on Replies

We resolved an issue with sending/responding to emails in Skylight. Previously, the message contents appeared compressed on the left side of the page in stead of reading from left to right. This no longer occurs.

Fix: Errors for Failed Interactions

A rare issue was identified where an agent accepted a voice work offer but was not connected to the Twilio telephony service correctly, resulting in the interaction being placed back into queue. In this scenario, an error banner appeared to the agent though no action was required on their part. Updates have been made to how this scenario is handled internally which will avoids an unnecessary banner error message to the agent.

Fix: Missing Filename in Transcripts API Route

We’ve resolved the issue of the filename not returning when using the transcripts API route.

Fix: Unable to Create New CxQM Evaluations

An issue was identified where new evaluations could not be created from CxQM recordings on a tenant. Attempting to create an evaluation resulted in an error message incorrectly stating “The following users (UUID) do not have evaluations licenses and cannot be used to create an evaluation” for each user. We identified the cause to be recording cache not updating to include the appropriate evaluation licenses, and have made updates so that the evaluation repository fetches user agent’s details and updates the cache while evaluating a user. A similar issue was experienced by users unable to open evaluations based on an obsolete DateTime validation for their tenant, which has also been resolved.

Fix: Creating and Updating REST Integrations (Integration Management – Early Access)

Updates have been made to resolve various issues with creating or editing REST Integrations on the Early Access version of Integration Management. These include fixes to creating and updated REST integrations with no authorization, basic and token authorization, blank API URIs, and displaying integration entity UUIDs.

CxEngage Release 21.05.01  

All Regions

May 1, 2021 12:00 - 15:00 UTC


Update: Sending Messages with Facebook App

Previously, agents could only send messages if the Facebook app had the permission Business Asset User Profile Access.

Now, if the Facebook app doesn’t have the permission, the flow will continue and they will see Customer as the default name in the Skylight chat window. Facebook apps with this permission can access the customer's name.

CxEngage Update 21.04.28  

All Regions

April 28, 2021


Fix: Unable to Monitor Call with WebRTC Extension

We’ve resolved an issue where using the WebRTC extension to monitor a call would fail to initiate.

CxEngage Update 21.04.26  

All Regions

April 24, 2021


Fix: Business Hour Checks Failing

Issues related to business hour checks failing were introduced with CxEngage Release 21.04.24. We have rolled back the pertinent portion of that release to avoid the issue until the root cause is addressed in a future release.

CxEngage Release 21.04.24  

All Regions

April 24, 2021 12:00 - 15:00 UTC


These release notes were updated on April 28, 2021 at 02:00 UTC.

A previous version of these release notes included an update to handling Facebook app messages in Skylight which will be rescheduled for a future release.

Update: API Transcript End Point Supporting Chat

We’ve updated the transcript API endpoint (https://api-endpoint//v1/tenants/tenant-id/interactions/interaction-id/transcript) to support the messaging-transcript channel type for Chat transcripts by returning a web-chat artifact in JSON format.

Fix: Scrolling Screen in Historical Reporting

Previously, when working with multiple visuals (a table and a chart) and the split row in Author Report, upon setting the date filter and rearranging the visuals, the screen would start scrolling. This has been resolved so the table and chart are arranged in the split row correctly.

Fix: Error Message in Historical Reporting

We’ve resolved an issue where updating the global date filter on an analysis with grouped columns and a chart would cause an error.

Fix: Unable to Add a Column in Historical Reporting

Previously, when trying to add another column (from the same data set) to a data table which already has aggregated columns, the column would not appear. This has now been resolved.

Fix: Queue Callbacks Accepted by Agents but Disconnected Before Customer Dialed

An issue was identified with queue callback interactions that were accepted by the agent but disconnected before the customer was dialed. This includes custom work offer flow designs where the agent disconnected during a pre-dial whisper. In this scenario, some of the queue callback requests were dequeued and as a result not offered again, though the previous callback interaction remained active in reporting. Updates have been made to prevent these interactions from being dequeued, ensuring that the callback would be offered again.

Fix: Queue Callback Requests Where Caller Disconnects During Play Media

If a caller requested a queue callback but disconnected during the subsequent Play Media flow action, there was the potential for the interaction to remain stuck in the Play Media instead of continuing the designed flow. This was an intermittent issue that only presented in unexpected sequence of signals sent. Updates have been made to prevent these interactions from getting stuck in this scenario, allowing the callback request to proceed.

Fix: Add/Update List Items With UUIDs

There is an issue adding or updating list items to a list type with at least one string type field. If the new/updated item is entered with a UUID value, the interface freezes without saving changes. Updates have been so that these items can be added with UUID values successfully via the API.

To add a list item value of a UUID through the configuration UI, enter a prefix or suffix in string format. For example, the Added By input is a UUID. Therefore, you can prefix it with uuid:. Once you have prefixed or suffixed the UUID, use expressions to append the prefix/suffix when searching for key value, or use expressions to extract the UUID value from the result.

Fix: Business Hours Following Time Change

This item was updated on April 28, 2021 at 02:00 UTC.

We identified an issue where set business hours did not recognize a recent time change to Daylight Savings Time, resulting in open/close hours not taking effect as expected. Updates have been made to resolve this.

  This item was rolled back on April 26, 2021. While the issue only presents during a time change, we are analyzing root causes for the issue that can be corrected in a future release to avoid from reoccurring.

Fix: Realtime Dashboards Not Loading

We've added pagination to the Realtime Standard Dashboards (with tables) to help with loading.

Fix: Interaction Monitoring Pagination

We’ve resolved an issue with pagination while monitoring interactions.

CxEngage Release 21.04.14  

All Regions

April 14, 2021


Fix: Click to Dial in Salesforce

An issue was resolved where Skylight for Salesforce users were unable to complete Click to Dial actions within Salesforce.


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