Release Notes

Maintenance items, fixes, and new features for CxEngage and CxQM are released as needed throughout the year. This release note reflects changes to CxEngage and CxQM that were made since the last release.

You can find release notes for recent releases below.

Historical release notes can be found in the Release Notes Archive.

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Important: A fresh log in ensures that your cache is cleared and that software updates are immediately available to you. Following a release in CxEngage and Skylight you are prompted to refresh your application.

  • In CxEngage click the Refresh link and log back into the application.

  • In Skylight click the notification and log back into the application.

Note: You can also log out of the application and log back in to update your instance of the application.

What's New

Here is a summary of the features and fixes included with the latest release(s).

CxEngage Release 24.03.20
All Regions March 20, 2024

Important: Only Functioning Email Addresses Should be Entered in CxEngage

If your email server responds with an error to a CxEngage email invitation, that email address will be blocked for outgoing mail until Enghouse Support manually removes the block. Please ensure all addresses are working and receiving email before creating your user in CxEngage User Management. If your user is unable to receive CxEngage email contact Enghouse support for validation.

Fix: Randomly, reports will lose the layout setting and switch from Bottom to Top for Results Positioning (CXV1-28937)

Occasionally, when you set a report layout to have Results Positioning for aggregates show at the bottom of a report, the feature would reset to the default on its own and show Results Positioning at the top of the report.

This has been fixed. When you select Bottom as the setting for Results Positioning it will reflect your selection until you change it.

Fix: Chrome and above/Edge/Firefox CORS update is not allowing user to access artifacts (CXV1-30014)

Previously, some users experienced errors when using Edge, Firefox, or Chrome and above to access voice and messaging artifacts in CxEngage. This has been fixed and users are able to open the details panel for interactions in Historical Reporting using these browsers.

Recent Releases

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