Creating Historical Dashboards and Reports

You can create historical dashboards and reports to include the data and visualizations that are important to you.


All custom historical dashboards and reports must include the Tenant Name - ID filter. Do not use the Tenant ( or Tenant (Tenant.tenant_name) filters.

For instructions on adding filters, see the Add filters section below.

To create a historical dashboard or report:

  1. Go to Reporting > Historical Dashboards.
  2. Click the folder icon ().
  3. Hover over the folder name that you want to contain the new dashboard.

    • My Reports is a private folder. Only you can see the dashboards in this folder.
    • Shared Reports is a public folder. Other users in your tenant can view the reports in this folder.
  4. Click Add Dashboard (Add a new dashboard to CxEngage historical reporting.)

    The dashboard canvas opens. The default name is New Dashboard.

  5. Design the dashboard:
  6. When you're done, click Publish.

    Your dashboard can now be viewed by anyone with access to see it. To view your published dashboard:

    1. Go to Reporting > Historical Dashboards.
    2. Click Dashboards to open the Collections menu and then click the folder that contains your dashboard.
    3. Select your dashboard from the list of available dashboards in the folder.

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