Viewing Custom Interaction Attributes in Realtime Dashboards

In order to view custom interaction attributes in the realtime dashboard, you must have the INTERACTION_ATTRIBUTES_CONFIG_READ permission.

To create a realtime dashboard:

  1. Go to Reporting > Realtime Dashboards.
  2. Under Overview Dashboard, select the dashboard.
  Custom interaction attributes are currently only available in the Interaction in Queue Table and Interactions In Conversations Table.
  1. To add Custom Attributes click the Columns selector icon .
  2. Select Custom Attributes to open a selection menu to add the custom attributes that have been enabled for realtime.

    Add up to three Custom Attributes by clicking on the plus (+) icon.

  These attributes must be previously created in Flow > Custom Attributes and assigned a value in your Flow through the Flow notation Assign Interaction Attribute.

The custom interaction attributes will appear as columns in the table. The attribute name is defined in the management page at Flow > Custom Attributes.

To filter on this column, click the filter icon at the top of the column.

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