Reason Code by Agent Report

The Reason Code by Agent report lists each reason code for the agent's presence state and the length of time that they had the reason selected for the given period. Agents can select the reason code or the reason code can be assigned by default to provide context for their presence state. By default, this report is sorted alphabetically by tenant name and agent name.

To access the Reason Code by Agent report:

  1. Go to Reporting > Historical Dashboards.
  2. Click Dashboards and then click Standard Reports.
  3. From the list of available reports, select Reason code by Agent.

Sample Report

Reason Code by Agent in CxEngage standard reports

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This table describes each column in the Reason Code by Agent report:

Name Type Description
Tenant Attribute The name of the tenant that the agent was logged in to.
Agent Attribute The agent's first name and last name.
Agent ID UUID The agent's unique identifier.
Reason List Attribute The name of the presence reason list containing the reason code that the agent selected. Both the inherited presence reason list called System Presence Reasons and any custom presence reasons lists assigned to the agent are included.
Reason Code Attribute The reason code for the agent's presence state for the given period of time.
Away Time Measure The amount of time that the agent had the specified reason code selected. The time is listed in days, hours, minutes, and seconds (d:hh:mm:ss).

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