Monitoring Agent Interactions While in Skylight

In Skylight, you can monitor interactions as a supervisor or administrator and handle interactions as an agent.

When you aren’t busy with your own interaction you can supervise other agents by listening in on active calls or reviewing live digital interactions such as chats and SMS messages. When monitoring calls, you are automatically muted so that the agent and the customer aren't alerted that you are part of the call. You can unmute yourself to join the conversation. For example, if you are monitoring a call that is a potential escalation, you can unmute yourself to assist. When you barge in, the agent and the contact can hear you.

You can monitor an interaction if:

  • The Enable Silent Monitoring setting is enabled in the flow that the call is received on .

  • You have the default Administrator or Supervisor role or a custom role that contains the following role permissions:




To see a list of interactions that you can monitor while you are logged into Skylight click the headset button. The Interaction Monitoring page displays, listing all active interactions with your tenant.

Note: If you cannot monitor calls, verify that the Enable Silent Monitoring toggle is enabled in your flow's default settings. Only interactions with the Enable Silent Monitoring toggle enabled are shown on the Interaction Monitoring page . Also, ensure that you have the proper permissions in your user’s role.

An interaction is identified as one of the following:

Voice Interaction

SMS Interaction

Email Interaction

Chat Interaction

Note: Email interactions cannot be monitored.

You can monitor multiple interactions at the same time, but only one of the interactions can be a voice interaction. When you monitor more than one interaction, click an interaction in the left panel to change which one is the focus.

You can monitor interactions while you are in both the Ready state and the Not Ready state. This lets you act as an agent to handle your own interactions and at the same time act as a supervisor to monitor other agents’ interactions.

Note: You cannot monitor a call that you are handling as an agent. If you monitor your own call and click the handset in the Monitoring Toolbar, the call ends for all participants instead of only ending your monitoring session.

To see general details of an interaction, click the interaction you want to review in the list of active interactions. The details you see are based on the type of interaction you choose: Voice, SMS, or Chat.

To monitor a specific interaction, hover over the interaction you want to review and then click the Monitor button that displays. The interaction is displayed in the left panel. Click it to audit the interaction.

Monitoring a Voice Interaction

When you click the voice interaction in the left panel, a list of participants is displayed; this can include the user’s phone number or name, the name of the agent handling the interaction, and any agents brought in to assist.

Note: You can only monitor one voice interaction at a time.

Once you begin monitoring a voice interaction, toolbars display that allow you to manage your monitoring situation and the agent taking the call, the customer, and other agents that may be part of the interaction.

Supervisor’s Voice Monitoring Toolbar

The supervisor’s monitoring toolbar allows you to end monitoring the call, mute or unmute yourself, place the call on hold, or transfer the call using the Dialpad or contact list.

Click the Stop Monitoring icon on the toolbar to end monitoring of the interaction. You can also click the Stop Monitoring button at the top of the Active Participants screen.

Note: Your monitoring session also automatically ends if the agent or the customer ends the call.

Click the microphone icon to unmute yourself. The microphone no longer has a line through it, which indicates you are unmuted. You can now speak to all the participants, agents and customers, in the call.

Click the microphone icon to return to silently monitoring the interaction in a muted state.

Click the hold icon to place the customer on hold. The supervisor and agent can converse with each other and the customer cannot hear the conversation.

Click the transfer icon to transfer the call to another agent. Click the Dialpad icon to enter the agent’s number who you want to include in the call.

Participant’s Voice Monitoring Toolbar

The toolbars that are displayed beside each participant are based on the part they play in the call. The customer, agent handling the interaction, as well as other agents that have been added to the call can be immediately disconnected from the call - leaving the supervisor or another agent to handle the interaction. The supervisor can also mute an agent or transfer the call to another agent and then leave the interaction.

Click the disconnect icon to immediately disconnect the customer or a specific agent from the interaction.

Click the hold icon to place the customer or agent on hold. The supervisor can converse with the person left in the interaction while the person on hold cannot hear the conversation.

When you are done monitoring interactions, click the headset icon to close your monitoring session completely.

Monitoring Digital Interactions

When you click the digital interaction in the left panel, the chat or SMS between the agent and the customer displays on the screen so you can follow the conversation.

When you monitor digital interactions, the transcript is updated every 10 seconds for new messages.

Note: Barge-In is not currently available for monitoring digital interactions in Skylight. Digital interactions are read-only for supervisors.

If an agent disconnects from a digital interaction and the user sends another message, a different agent can pick up the conversation, and the supervisor can resume monitoring the chat, which shows the complete customer interaction with responses from both agents.

Click the Stop Monitoring button to stop monitoring the interaction. The list of active interactions is displayed.

When you are done monitoring interactions, click the headset icon to close your monitoring session completely.

Agent Experience

As an Agent, when your interaction is terminated, if you attempt to connect with that interaction again, a banner message appears at the top of your Skylight window indicating that the interaction failed.

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