Create a Click to Dial Dispatch Mapping

Dispatch mappings direct interactions to a flow. You'll need to create a new dispatch mapping for Click to Dial.

To create the dispatch mapping:

  1. In your instance of CxEngage, navigate to Flows > Dispatch Mappings.
  2. Click Create.
  3. Type a Name for this mapping, such as Agent Initiated - Click to Dial.
  4. Select Any from the Interaction Type list.
  5. Select Direction from the Mapping list.
  6. Select the appropriate Direction from the list.

    If this mapping is only for customer requested calls, select Outbound.

    For all other Click to Dial use cases, select Agent Initiated.

     You can only have one Outbound dispatch mapping. If you have more than one Outbound Click to Dial mapping, they won't work.
  7. Select your Click to Dial flow from the Dispatch to flow list.
  8. Click Submit.