Wrap Up Time

After a call ends, the Agent Toolbar gives you extra time to perform post-call tasks like entering customer information into Salesforce or completing a support ticket. This is called wrap up time.

CxEngage Agent Toolbar displaying wrapup controls

You have two minutes to complete your wrap up tasks. During that time, you are not available to take calls. Once the two minutes is up, you're moved out of wrap up and can take calls again.

If you complete your wrap up tasks before the two minutes is up, do the following:

  • Click Select Disposition and then select an outcome for the call from the list.
    Choose a disposition in the CxEngage Agent Toolbar
  • Click End Wrap-up.

Disable wrap up time for a call by clicking the Wrap-up button during the call. Wrap up time will be enabled for the next call that you answer.