About Early Access Features in CxEngage

CxEngage's Early Access page lists available early access features and upgraded pages. From this list, early access is enabled or disabled for the tenant. To use an enabled feature, users must belong to a role with the required permissions for that feature or page.


To access and use the Early Access Features page, you must have either:

  • The default administrator role, or
  • A custom role that contains the TENANT_FEATURES_UPDATE permission

Currently, the updated pages for Tenant Management and Integration Management are available for early access. See Navigating Management Pages for more information.

Accessing the Early Access Features Page

To locate the Early Access Features page in the configuration interface:

  1. Click the gear in the top right corner.
  2. Click Early Access Features.

The Early Access Features page consists of the following sections:

Click image to enlarge

List of available early access features

Enable All or Disable All available early access

Enabled early access features

 Disabled early access features

Apply any changes (enabling or disabling pages)

Feedback form for early access features

  You only see features listed that you have access to (permissions for) in the tenant. For example, if you have access to Tenant Management but not Integration Management, only Tenant Management is listed. If you don't have permission to access any of the features, the list is empty.

Enabling and Disabling Early Access Features

By default, each of the early access features are disabled which is indicated by a gray toggle ().

To enable features, either:

  • Click the toggle next to the feature name. It turns green to indicate that the feature is turned on (), or
  • Click Enable All to enable all the early access features available.

To disable features, either:

  • Click the toggle next to the feature name. It turns gray to indicate the feature is turned off ()
  • Click Disable All to enable all the early access features available.

After enabling or disabling early access features, click Apply Changes to save your changes.

Enabled features become available in the top navigation menu for all users in the tenant with permissions to access the individual features. If you enable an updated page of an existing page, the new page shows when you go to that section.

Providing Feedback

Your feedback is important to us! If you have suggestions on how to make any of the early access features better, we want to know. Fill out the feedback form on the Early Access Features page to let our Product team know your thoughts.