Enabling Business Hours

With business hours, you can define the regular hours of your business, extended hours, and blackout exceptions.

Before you enable business hours, ensure that you have:

  • Published at least one version, and
  • Set an active version in the business hours details

To enable business hours:

  1. Go to the business hours that you are enabling.

    If you have just published a draft, you are taken back to the business hours page. Otherwise:

    1. Go to Configuration > Business Hours.
    2. From the list, click the business hours you want to enable.
    3. If you haven't already set an active version for these business hours, select a version from the Active Version drop-down menu.
  2. Next to the business hours name, click the toggle to enable.
  3. On the confirmation that is presented, click Confirm.

    The toggle turns green () to indicate it is enabled.