CxEngage Regions

CxEngage is currently available in the North American and European regions. Each tenant is assigned a region when it is created. Your configuration and reporting data resides in the region that your tenant belongs to. If you are unsure which region to have your tenant created and configured in, please contact your Account Representative.

You must have a user account on a tenant for the region that you are trying to log in to. If you aren't able to log in, ensure you are using the URL for your tenant's region. If you need to log in to a different region, you must have a separate user account set up for that region.

To identify which region your tenant belongs to, refer to the URL when you are logged in to your tenant. When you are invited to a tenant, the activation link reflects your tenant's region. For example, if you see, you know that you are in the North American region.

URLs by Region

Use these URLs to access and configure CxEngage based on your tenant's region:

Product North America Europe
Configuration Console

Agent Toolbar
Twilio Configuration: Voice{{tenant-id}}/interactions{{tenant-id}}/interactions
Twilio Configuration: SMS{{tenant-id}}/sms{{tenant-id}}/sms
Zendesk Set Up for Agent Toolbar Managed Package Download Managed Package Download

Skylight Desktop
Skylight for Zendesk

Managed Package Download

Managed Package Download for SSO

Managed Package Download (EU)

Managed Package Download for SSO (EU)

Skylight for Salesforce (Classic)

Skylight for Salesforce (Lightning)

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