Administrator Checklist for Skylight and Skylight Desktop

As a CxEngage administrator, you need to complete a few configuration steps before your agents are ready to use Skylight or Skylight Desktop. In this topic, the term Skylight applies to both Skylight and Skylight Desktop unless otherwise specified.

Use this checklist as a guide to ensure that you complete the required setup and configuration. In this table, required tasks are indicated.

All other tasks are required only if your organization needs the corresponding functionality.

Action Additional Notes Related Resources

Create and assign a Presence Reason List to agents (Required)

Assign a Presence Reason list to each agent or set a tenant default for all agents. If an agent doesn't have a Presence Reason list and there isn't a tenant default, the agent will be unable to log in.

Grant Skylight permissions to agents (Required)

Agents must be granted sufficient permission to access Skylight. The default roles (Administrator, Supervisor, and Agent) contain sufficient permission to access Skylight.

If you are using custom roles, ensure that you add the appropriate Skylight permissions.

Create a contact layout

(Only applies to Skylight Desktop)

If you want agents to use a custom contact layout instead of the default, you must create a new one. The default layout is inherited and can't be edited. It consists of the following attributes:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Phone
  • City
  • State/Province

Create custom attributes

(Only applies to Skylight Desktop)

If you want to add attributes that aren't in CxEngage's default list to your custom contact layout, you can create custom attributes.

Configure Click to Dial

(Only applies to Skylight Desktop)

Configure Click to Dial to enable agents to click a contact's phone number to send an outbound phone number or SMS.
Configure Click to Email

(Only applies to Skylight Desktop)

Configure Click to Email to enable agents to click a contact's email address to send an outbound email.

Configure an Email Integration

(Only applies to Skylight Desktop)

Configure an email integration if agents must be able to receive and send emails.


Update Capacity Rules Update agent capacity rules according to the channels that they interact with. Options include the following:
  • Include capacity for the Email channel for agents that work with interactions received through the email integration that you configured.
  • Don't include capacity for Work Items
 If an agent is offered a Work Item in Skylight, the work is auto rejected and the agent is put in a Not Ready state. This also counts as Work Rejected for the agent in reporting.


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