Managing a WhatsApp Integration

This topic is currently in progress, with additional details being confirmed. Updates will continue to get published as they become available.

Please note that at this time, all information required to get your WhatsApp integration started is part of the Implementation Overview section of the About WhatsApp topic. You can contact your CxEngage account representative to begin the process.

Set up a WhatsApp on your tenant to enable agents to receive and respond to WhatsApp messages in Skylight.

  Before you begin, contact your account representative to create a digital channel app, if one doesn't already exist, and the WhatsApp integration. See About Whats App for more implementation instructions.

After the app and integration are added, create a dispatch mapping for your WhatsApp interactions:

  1. Go to Flows > Dispatch Mappings.

  2. Click Create.

  3. Enter the following values in the dispatch mapping side panel:

    • Name: A name for the dispatch mapping (for example, WhatsApp)

    • Description (optional)

    • Interaction Type: SMS

    • Mapping: Contact Point

    • Mapping Value: Enter your WhatsApp phone number

    • Dispatch to flow: Select the relevant messaging flow

    • Flow version: Select the version for the selected flow

  4. Click Submit.


Important notes:

  • The following message types are not supported: Sharing location both on current location and live, sharing contact, creating room, and sending sticker

  • While you can receive quoted replies in Skylight, you cannot quote replies in Skylight.

  • Images are shown inline in WhatsApp, but GIFs and mp4 files are not.

  • All files are only available for 24 hours.

  • Formatting from WhatsApp to Skylight is not supported. Formatting from Skylight to the WhatsApp user is supported, for example:

    Formatting Symbol Example
    Bold Asterisk (*)  Your total is *$10.50*
    Italics Underscore (_) Welcome to _CxEngage_
    Strike-through Tilde (~) This is ~better~ best!
    Code Three bacquote/backtick (```) ```print 'Hellow World';```