About WhatsApp Integrations

CxEngage supports a digital channel integration that provides an interactive WhatsApp experience where your agents can respond to customer initiated messages sent to your WhatsApp Business account.

WhatsApp requires that clients host their own WhatsApp Business API client database. Lifesize, Inc. works with an authorized WhatsApp Business Solution Provider (BSP) who hosts and manages the WhatsApp Business API clients for all CxEngage's WhatsApp integrations.

  All businesses who use the WhatsApp Business API must be approved by WhatsApp. Working with an authorized WhatsApp BSP helps to simplify this process, but WhatsApp does continue to have final discretion to approve businesses that is outside of Lifesize, Inc.'s control.

Implementation Overview

Implementing a WhatsApp integration requires a number of steps and can take some time. WhatsApp has protocols in place to ensure that they have no access to client's data, and maintains final discretion to approve all businesses to use their service.

To get started, contact your CxEngage account representative. Here is a high level overview of the process and requirements.

  Please note that these are WhatsApp's requirements and, as such, subject to changes that may not be communicated here. Please refer to WhatsApp's documentation for their most up to date policies.
  • Verify that your business meets the WhatsApp Commerce Policy. Businesses that do not meet this policy will not be approved for a WhatsApp Business account.
  • You must have a verified business Facebook profile for each WhatsApp number you want to register. WhatsApp and the BSP use your Facebook Business Manager Account to create your WhatsApp Business Account. If you have not yet completed Facebook's business verification process, do so before applying for WhatsApp approval.
  • Sign an end client agreement co-branded by WhatsApp and the BSP, and agree to their privacy policy and terms of service, including licensing and hosting fees.
  • Complete an activation form online and pay a one time licensing fee by credit card to WhatsApp.
  • A digital channels app is created for you if you do not already have one.
  • A WhatsApp Business Account (WABA) is created for you with your Facebook Business Manager ID
  • The BSP contacts Lifesize, Inc. to advise that you have notifications in your Facebook Business account that need to be accepted, which we will communicate to you.
  • WhatsApp reviews your business application for approval. Approval status is generally received within your new WABA in approximately 5 to 10 business days.

Feature Overview

  WhatsApp interactions are considered as the SMS channel type for capacity rule settings, dispatch mappings, and interaction reporting.

This WhatsApp integration includes features such as:

  • Customer initiated conversations with unlimited messages provided each customer message is responded to within 24 hours, or the interaction automatically expires and ends
  • Support for plain text and emoji content in flow messages, including messages sent or received with Send Message and Collect Message Response flow notations
  • Support for plain text and non-text messages including images, emojis, documents, audio messages, quoted messages, animated GIFs
  • Support for basic text formatting within WhatsApp, displayed with special symbols in Skylight and historical transcripts
  • Read receipt notification events advising agents when a customer has read a message
  • Conversation histories that persist for users, meaning a new conversation from a customer will include the message history from a previous one for both the customer and agent
  • Error banners in Skylight to notify agents if their message or attachment was not delivered to WhatsApp

Required CxEngage Permissions

Specific permissions are required to manage the Facebook integration and messaging capabilities. These permissions are included in the default Administrator role. Users with a custom role who want to use the feature need to have a role with the following permissions:


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