Queue Callbacks

A queue callback is a flow option presented to a caller waiting in a queue. After waiting a specified length of time, the caller can choose to receive a callback from an agent when their request reaches the top of the queue instead of waiting on the phone. The feature and associated media prompts are configured through the flow object parameter settings.

When the request reaches the top of the queue, a callback work offer is placed to an available agent in the queue that you identify in the flow. Once the agent accepts the work offer, an outbound call is placed to the customer. The customer can choose to be called back at the number that they called from, or at a different number that they enter.

Customers must enter their callback number in E.164 format. The default text provided in the flow objects includes standard instructions to meet the E.164 requirement. If you change the default text, ensure that your media prompt provides the necessary information applicable to your region.

By default, interactions that wait in a queue for more than 72 hours for a callback are proactively canceled. To request that the queue callback timeout be changed for your tenant, please contact your account representative.

These instructions are specific to the built in queue callback feature. You can customize your own queue callback experience by manually designing your flow with the appropriate notations. See Customized Queue Callback for details.

Enabling Queue Callbacks

Queue callback is enabled and configured through the flow design. There are several options available so that you can choose the one that best fits your needs or current call flow design. Each option is incorporated through the queue interaction portion of the call flow.

The callback related media prompts in the applicable flow objects are populated with default data that you can use without making any changes. Alternatively, you can edit them to use different messaging or languages as desired.

To enable and configure the queue callback feature, refer to these flow object options:



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