Script Responses

Agent responses to script components can be used within a flow to make additional flow routing decisions. Responses are also available as a standard report transcript that you can use for reporting or response tracking.

Referencing Script Responses in Flow

Responses to agent script questions or components can be used as an expression for additional decision making within the flow. For example, you can have additional script pages be presented based on the preceding selections made. An agent can make a selection from a script component and have different results based on the selection made.

The conditions and statements used to reference script responses in your flow will vary depending on what you are retrieving and the actions that you want to take with that data. This section will provide you with an example.

To reference script responses in your customer flow, design the customer portion to provide the desired queues and options. Build out the resource portion of your flow, including the Script notation(s) that you want presented to agents.  

  • While you are able to insert the Script into multiple spots in the flow design, we suggest placing it after the Work Offer Flow notation and in parallel with the Conference Resource notation.
  • Connect the Script notation that you want to reference to a Decision Branch.
  • Create connection paths from the Decision Branch to the various actions that you want taken based on the Script response. For example, one response may lead you to a new script while another doesn't. Keep in mind that one of one connection should be a default path, but that you can have multiple conditional ones.
    • Default: No configuration required.
    • Conditional: Enter a condition stating that this applies to a specific value being true for a script element response. The condition structure needs to reference the script name, elements, the element name, and it's value. For example, (= script-name.elements.question.value.yes true)
  • Each of your branch paths should connect at the same point to enable flow progression to the next step. The simplest way to do this is with an Assign notation with a fake value name, such as No Operation or anything to indicate that no action is taking place here other than connecting the branch paths.
    This step is important because Parallel Branches, used to run the Script in parallel with Conference Resource, will always wait for the paths to end before progressing. Without a single connection point for the branch paths, Decision Branches paths will never all be considered as ending.
  • Connect the notation that you used to connect your branch paths to another Parallel Branch. This brings the entire branch together so that the flow can continue.

Accessing Script Transcripts

Responses to agent scripts are available through the following standard reports:


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