Creating Capacity Rules

You can create capacity rules to define the types of work that an agent can receive, and the volume from each of those types that would fully allocate the agent. Once an agent becomes fully allocated, they will not receive any more work offers until their allocation status changes to either partially allocated or not allocated.

You can create multiple conditions as needed within a capacity rule to achieve your desired rule settings. The conditions work together and need to be compatible. Avoid creating conflicting conditions that provide different maximum volumes for same channel types.

To create a new capacity rule: 

  1. Go to User Management > Capacity Rules.
  2. Click Create.
    The Capacity Rule details panel appears.
  3. Enter a Name for this capacity rule.
  4. Click Submit.
  5. Click the + symbol next to Published Versions.
    A sample capacity rule is displayed that includes voice, and a maximum of four emails and/or messages.
  6. Enter a Name for this version of the capacity rule.
  7. Select the Rule Type for this capacity rule. This defines whether the agent is fully allocated if any condition is met or only if all of the conditions are met.
  8. If your channel supports voice calls, leave the Voice statement as it is. This tells the capacity rule that 1 call equals 100% capacity.
  9. If necessary, clear out the condition box by clicking the x on channel labels.
  10. Drag and drop any channel types that you want to be considered in this capacity rule condition into the outlined box.
    If you have cleared out the condition box, it disappears. You can create a new one by dropping any channel type into the empty area.
    Image of creating a new capacity rule condition
  11. Enter the maximum number of work offers, from any combination of the channels included in the condition, that an agent can handle at one time.
  12. To create an additional condition, drag and drop a channel label onto an empty area around the existing conditions.
  13. Repeat steps 9 to 11 for each condition that you want to add to this capacity rule.
    A text description of the complete capacity rule statement is displayed under the condition boxes.
  14. When you're done adding your conditions, click Create.
    This rule become a published version.
  15. Click the toggle next to the rule's name to enable it.

Now that you have a capacity rule enabled, you can assign it to users.

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