Changing the Tab Layout on Custom Dashboards in Historical Reporting

You can change the look of a tab in your custom dashboards by selecting the number of columns it has, moving visualizations, and adjusting the width of the columns.

Selecting the Number of Columns

  1. Click the gear next to the tab name and click Change Layout.
  2. In Number of Panel Columns, select either:
    • The number of columns (1, 2, 3, etc): Arranges your tab into columns. You can move visualizations only into the predetermined columns. If desired, you can adjust the width of the columns (see below).
    • Free-form: Stacks visualizations on top of each other. There aren't any predetermined columns. You can move visualizations anywhere on the dashboard (see below).
  3. Click Done.

Moving Visualizations

To move a visualization to another position on the dashboard, click in the visualization's header and drag the visualization. A yellow indicator appears to show where your visualization will be located when you drop it.

Adjusting Column Width

To change the width of a column:

  1. Hover your mouse pointer over the vertical space between the columns until the pointer becomes a double-headed arrow ().
  2. Click and drag to resize the column.
    • Dragging left makes the column on the left smaller and the column on the right larger.
    • Dragging right makes the column on the left larger and the column on the right smaller.

    The size of the visualizations in the columns adjust according to the column's width.

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