Adding and Removing Visualizations on Dashboards in Historical Reporting

Visualizations are charts, tables, or KPI widgets that you can add to dashboards. You can save visualizations that you created to the Visual Gallery. After you add a visualization to a dashboard, you can choose to add a local filter to it. To add image or text panels to a dashboard, see Adding and Removing Texts and Images on Dashboards in Historical Reporting

To add a visualization to a dashboard:

  1. On the dashboard tab that you want to add the visualization, click Settings () next to the tab name.
  2. Click Add from Visual Gallery.

    The Visual Gallery opens listing all available charts, tables, and crosstabs.

  3. Locate the visualization you want to add.

    Optionally, you can use Find and Sort By to find the panel you want:

    • Find: Enter a search term and press Enter.

      The Find function searches the visualization's name. It does not search the panel description. Sorting by Title displays the panels alphabetically (A-Z) by name.

    • Sort By: Choose the order that you want the panels listed in (Oldest, Newest, Title).

      By default, the list is sorted showing the newest panels first.

  4. Click Add next to any panels that you want to add the dashboard.
  5. Click Done to close the Add Panel window and return to the dashboard tab.

To remove a visualization from a dashboard:

  1. On the visualization that you want to remove, click Settings ().
  2. Click Remove Widget.
  3. On the confirmation message, click OK.

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