About Schedule Manager in Historical Reporting

After you've configured a report or dashboard scheduled delivery, use the Schedule Manger to view a list of all your scheduled items, modify schedules, view last and next runs, and see each item's delivery status.

To go to Schedule Manager:

  1. Go to Reporting > Historical Reporting.
  2. In the sidebar, click Schedule Manager ().

A list of scheduled items and their details are presented.

  Object Description
1 Search ()

Enables you to search the list of scheduled items by the report or dashboard's title. As you enter a search term, the list narrows based on your search criteria.

2 Type

The icon for the type of item scheduled:

Icon Type




3 Title The name of the report or dashboard.
4 Owner The name of the user who created the report or dashboard.
5 Last Run The date (in MM/DD/YYYY) and time, in the UTC timezone, that the report or dashboard was last run.
6 Status

View whether the last run was successful or if it failed. One of the following shows in the status column for each scheduled item:

  • Red checkmark (): The report or dashboard failed to generate and send. If there was an error message returned when the report failed, a gray debug icon shows next to the red checkmark. Click it to view the error message.
  • Green checkmark (): The report or dashboard was successfully generated and sent to recipients.
  • Blank: The report or dashboard hasn't been generated yet.
7 Next Run The date (in MM/DD/YYYY) and time, in the UTC timezone, when the report or dashboard is scheduled next to be generated and sent next.
8 Schedule Click to view or edit the schedule. For more information on each of the fields in the item's schedule, seeScheduling Reports and Dashboards in Historical Reporting .
9 Message Details

Displays the message and recipient details for the scheduled report or dashboard. Click the information button to see the following:

  • From address
  • To address
  • CC address (if added)
  • BCC address (if added)
  • Subject
  • Message
  • Report Format (PDF available )

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