Exporting Tables, Charts, and Crosstabs in Historical Reporting

In Analysis you can export crosstabs, charts (CSV only), and tables by direct download to Excel, CSV, or PDF format. A maximum of 100 000 rows of data are included in an export. If your table or crosstab contains more than 100 000 rows, consider selecting a shorter date range in the data source filter or add local filtering to reduce the number of rows.

To export a table, crosstab, or the underlying data of a chart:

  1. Next to the table, chart, or crosstab title, click Export ().
  2. In the menu that opens, select the format that you want: Excel, CSV, or PDF.
  Charts can only be exported as CSV files.
  • Excel and CSV exports are downloaded to your browser's default download location.
  • PDF exports open in CxEngage. To download the report to the desired location on your computer, right click and click Save As.
  1. Go to your browser's default download location or where you saved the report to open it.

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