Installing Skylight in Zendesk

You install Skylight using a Zendesk package that handles the interactions between Skylight and CxEngage.

To install theSkylight in Zendesk:

  1. Download the Zendesk package to your computer.

    See CxEngage Regions to download the Zendesk package for your region.

  2. Log into Zendesk using an administrator account.
  3. Click the Admin icon (ZenDesk admin icon).
  4. Go to Apps > Manage.
  5. Click Upload Private App.
  6. Enter an App Name – for example, CxEngage Skylight.

    This is the name that your agents see in Zendesk.

  7. Click Browse and then find the Skylight package on your computer.
  8. Click Save.
  9. When prompted, click Agree and upload this App.
  10. Click Install.

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