Configuring Timed Presence

Timed presence is enabled by a user profile that is configured with a unique PSTN telephone number and a dispatch mapping that points to a timed presence flow. The timed presence flow includes a number of functions that are necessary for the agent to identify their availability and receive the appropriate calls.

To set up timed presence, a number of CxEngage components must be configured.

  1. Configure each user's profile with their PSTN details
  2. Configure the media prompts for the timed presence log in IVR
  3. Create a flow for timed presence log in
  4. Create a dispatch mapping for timed presence agents to call in to

Once timed presence is set up, agents that are logged in can receive calls through any customer flow that they are eligible for based on their configuration details (for example, assigned skills).

Configuring User Profiles

To configure a user's profile with a PSTN extension: 

  1. Go to User Management > Users.
  2. Select the user being updated.
    The user detail panel appears.
  3. Complete the Extensions section with the following details: 
    • Extension Type: PSTN
    • Enter Extension: The user's telephone number, in E.164 format. For example, +1-234-567-8910.
      This is the telephone number that the resource will receive inbound calls on while they are logged in with timed presence.
    • Ext: The user's extension number, if applicable.
    • Description: A short description of the number. For example, John Smith - mobile.
  4. Click on the plus sign () next to the Extension fields.
    The PSTN information is saved in the list of configured extensions.
  5. Click Submit.
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Creating Timed Presence Media Prompts

Before creating a timed presence flow, a number of media prompts must be created or available. The media prompts do not have to be unique to timed presence and can be shared across flows if applicable. These media prompts will guide the resource through the timed presence log in process.

Ensure that your tenant is equipped with media prompts for the following scenarios, and add them if necessary.

  • Welcome Media: A message that greets the resource and indicates the IVR or queue that they are accessing.
  • Resource Lookup Error Media: A message that plays in the event that the agent is calling from a telephone number that is not configured as a PSTN extension under their user details.
  • Preset Hours Media: A message that provides agents with the four preset time period options to log in for, the option to press 9 to enter custom hours, and the option to press 0 to log off.
    • For example, if your preset options are to log on for 8, 24, 48, or 72 hours then the Preset Hours Media should state "To go online for 8 hours, press 1. To go online for 24 hours, press 2. To go online for 48 hours, press 3. To go online for 72 hours, press 4. To enter a custom number of hours that you want to online for, press 9. To go offline, press 0."
  • Custom Hours Collect Digits Media: A message that asks agents to enter the number of hours that they are logging in for, using up to two digits. This message should also repeat the option to press 0 to go offline. This message is played if an agent presses 9 in response to the Preset Hours Media. For example, "Please enter the number of hours that you want to go online for, using up to two digits. Press 0 if you want to go offline."
  • Invalid Input Media: A message that states that the digit input is invalid and asks the agent to try again.
  • Online Media: A confirmation message stating that the agent is now online and available for inbound calls.
  • Offline Media: A message to play at the end of the logon time frame, advising the agent that they are now offline.

Creating an Agent Timed Presence Flow

To create a flow that enables timed presence:

  1. Go to Flow > Flows.
  2. Click Create.
  3. Enter a Name for the flow, such as Timed Presence.
  4. Select Customer for the Type of flow.
  5. Click Submit.
    The Flow Designer canvas opens.
  6. Add the Entry event.
  7. Add a Timed Presence activity and connect the Entry event to it.

  8. Add an Exit event and connect the Timed Presence activity to it.
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Creating an Agent Dispatch Mapping

Timed Presence requires a telephone number for agents to call in to that is mapped to the Timed Presence flow for your tenant. You may require a new telephone number specifically for this purpose. To purchase a new number, you may contact Serenova, LLC Support if your telephony is provided, or purchase one directly if you have and maintain your own Twilio account for telephony service.

To create a mapping for calls to route to agents using timed presence: 

  1. Go to Flows > Dispatch Mappings.
  2. Click Create.
  3. Complete the new dispatch mapping details:
    • Name: Enter a name for this new mapping. For example, (Queue Name) - Timed Presence login
    • Description: Optionally, enter a brief description for this mapping. For example, John Smith's PSTN for Timed Presence.
    • Interaction Type: Select Voice.
    • Mapping: Select Contact Point
    • Phone Number: Enter the telephone number assigned for agents calling in to log in using timed presence, in E.164 format. This is the telephone number that agents will call to log in and out of Timed Presence.
    • Dispatch to flow: Select the agent flow created above.
  4. Click Submit.
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