Timed Presence

Timed Presence is a CxEngage function that enables a resource to receive calls on a configured PSTN telephone line without being logged into an agent toolbar.

An agent can update their profile to include their telephone number as a PSTN extension. From that telephone number, the agent can call a number that is mapped to a timed presence flow. The flow recognizes the phone number and uses it to retrieve the agent's details. The agent uses their telephone keypad to enter the number of hours for which they are available.

Timed Presence is enabled by creating and configuring a Timed Presence flow. The Timed Presence notation that is required includes parameters to define login selection options. For example, option 1 can be set to 8 hours, option 2 to 24 hours, and so on. An agent can choose to press 9 instead of using a preset option and enter a two digit custom number of hours to log in for, between 1 and 99 .

Inbound calls are then routed to and received directly on the agent's telephone. The agent is automatically logged out at the end of the specified login time period, but has the option to call in to the Timed Presence telephone number and press 0 to log out earlier.

Resources logged in with timed presence are considered as "lite agents", meaning there is limited functionality available for their received calls. For example, timed presence agents do not have the ability to disposition their calls even if a list for disposition codes is available.


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