Adding Participants to a Call

Add Participant is a CxEngage feature that allows you to add multiple participants to a call and have individual controls for each. This can be used for functions such as:  

  • Speaking with each participant individually, as a consultation
  • Ending the interaction for one of the other participants to disconnect them from the call
  • Merging all participants together, as a conference
  • Transferring the caller to one of the other participants, as warm transfer
If you want to cold transfer a caller immediately to another number, queue, or transfer list item without waiting and speaking with the new participant, refer to Transferring Calls.

Add Participant is available for adding:

  • Agents
  • Queues
  • Transfer list endpoints configured for warm transfers, and
  • External numbers

Initiating Add Participant

Add participants to an active call using either the transfer menu or dial pad, depending on the type of contact you are calling.

Once the new participant is connected, you can speak to them, transfer the caller to them, disconnect them, or merge everyone together. For more Information on the available call controls, see Add Participant Call Controls.

The Participant icon switches to a group icon and indicates the number of participants involved with this interaction. The participant menu expands, showing individual details such as current state and length of time in that state as well as individual controls for the caller and the participant that you're calling.

Screen image of waiting for Add Participant to connect in the Agent Toolbar

Add Participant Call Controls

Once you are connected to an additional participant on your call, Agent Toolbar shows you how many participants are in the conversation with a Participants icon, next to the customer's phone number located above the activity timer. The icon will show a face for one caller, and change to a group icon if there additional participants.

Clicking the Participant icon shows the list of participants, whether they are an internal or external contact, how long they have been participating in the conversation, and individual phone controls for each such as:

  • Transfer (Transfer icon image) to send the caller to that specific participant, which completes a "warm transfer" .
  • Hold (Hold icon image) to place that participant on hold, leaving the other participants to talk. The hold icon will appear active or illuminated if a participant is currently on hold. In the image below, the caller is on hold.
  • End (Disconnect icon image) to remove that participant from the interaction.

Image of Agent Toolbar with Participant List

Individual participant call controls will only appear for applicable participants. For example: 

  • The caller does not have a transfer option, as you can't transfer the caller to themselves.
  • The agent does not have any controls, as they can use the Toolbar controls directly.

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