Editing Business Hours

With business hours, you can define the regular hours of your business, extended hours, and blackout exceptions. After you create business hours, you can edit its details, drafts, or versions as needed.

  • To edit business hours, you must have the default Administrator role or a custom role with the MANAGE_ALL_BUSINESS_HOURS permission.
     You cannot edit inherited business hours with this permission. Inherited business hours are read-only with this permission. With this permission, you can copy versions from inherited business hours to different business hours in the current tenant.
  • To view business hours, you must have the default VIEW_ALL_BUSINESS_HOURS role or a custom role with

Editing Business Hours Details

To edit business hours details:

  1. Go to Configuration > Business Hours.
  2. Click the name of the business hours to open the details page.
  3. Update the fields you want to change:
    • Name: The name of the business hours. This name cannot be the same as other business hours on the current tenant.
    • Description: An optional description of the business hours.
    • Active Version: The current version of business hours being used. To change the active version, select the version you want to use from the drop-down menu.
    • Shared: A toggle to indicate whether the business hours are shared with child tenants. If sharing is enabled, the toggle is green (). If sharing is disabled, the toggle is gray ().
  4. Click Submit.

Editing Business Hours Drafts or Versions

To edit business hours draft or version:

  1. Go to Configuration > Business Hours.
  2. Click the name of the business hours to open the details page.
  3. Go to the Versions section.
  4. Click Update () next to the draft or version you want to edit.
    • When clicking Update on drafts, the draft opens so you can continue editing it.
    • When clicking Update on versions for business hours that are not inherited, you are prompted to enter a name for the draft. After clicking Submit, a copy of the version is created as a draft in the current business hours and the draft page opens for editing.
     You cannot update versions of business hours that are inherited.Alternatively, you can click Copy () to copy the version to business hours in the current tenant and edit the duplicate. Once copied, the duplicate version is opened as a draft in the specified business hours. For detailed steps on copying business hours, see Copying Versions or Drafts of Business Hours .
  5. Make the changes.

    See Configuring Hours and Exceptions for more information.


    Changes are not automatically saved. Click Save Draft periodically to save your progress.

    The Save Draft button is disabled when there are either no unsaved changes or if the changes can't be saved because there is an error (for example, duplicate draft name or a Start Time is after the End Time). Errors are outlined in red. After the errors are corrected, the Save Draft button is enabled and can be clicked.

  6. When you are done making changes, either:
    • Click Save Draft to save your changes but not publish the draft as a version.

      After saving the draft, click Cancel to return to the business hours detail page. You can return to this draft later to make more changes.

    • Click Save and Publish or Publishto publish the changes for the version.

      If you have unsaved changes, the button shows Save and Publish. If all your changes are already saved, it displays Publish.

      To complete publishing the draft, do the following in the window that opens:

      1. Enter a Version Name.
      2. Optionally, click the Make active toggle to set this version as the active version.
      3. Click Submit.