Copying Versions or Drafts of Business Hours

With business hours, you can define the regular hours of your business, extended hours, and blackout exceptions. You can copy business hours drafts or published versions to other business hours in your tenant. The copy is in a draft state until you publish it.

To copy business hours versions or drafts, you must either have the default Administrator role or custom role with the MANAGE_ALL_BUSINESS_HOURS permission.

  1. Go to Configuration > Business Hours.
  2. Click the business hours that contains the version or draft you want to copy.
  3. Under Versions, click Copy () next to the draft or version you are copying.

    The Copying Version window opens.

  4. In To Business Hours, select the business hours you are copying the draft to.
  5. In New Draft Name, enter a name for the draft.

    By default, the name is "Copy of <version or draft name>"

  6. Click Submit.

    The draft copy opens so you can make any further changes that are needed.

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