About Chat

CxEngage supports a digital channel integration that provides an interactive web chat messaging experience for you and your customers through your business page. This integrated solution provides a more robust and customizable chat option than the previous Messaging SDK solution. With integrated chat, your chat widget can be customized with brand coloring as well as a pre-chat message and confirmation. For example, you can customize an automatic response to each customer requesting their name or email address and then thank them before an agent receives the work offer. Chat web messenger also provides helpful user features such as a typing indicator for both customer and agent.

  The new integrated web chat messenger is available through an early access program. If you're interested in implementing this feature, or currently using the Messaging SDK for chat and want to switch to this version to take advantage of additional features and functionality, please contact your Customer Success Manager or account representative about being included in the early access program.

Required Permissions

Certain permissions are required to manage the chat app and integration.

  These permissions are not currently included in any default role. Please contact your account representative about implementing chat and having these permissions added to a custom role on your tenant.
  • To view the chat widgets on a tenant, you must have a custom role with the WEB_INTEGRATIONS_APP_READ permission.
  • To add or update a chat widget on a tenant, you must have a custom role with the WEB_INTEGRATIONS_APP_UPDATE permission.
  • To view and select a chat app from your tenant, to create your chat widget, you must have a custom role with the DIGITAL_CHANNELS_APP_READ permission.

Chat Checklist

To use chat, follow this checklist.

  1. Contact your account representative to add the digital channel app and chat integration.
  2. Create a Chat Widget on your tenant.
  3. Update your web page with necessary scripts.
  4. Publish a flow that supports messaging interactions, if you don't already have one.
  If you're using an existing flow that already has the Send Message notation, you need to delete the notation from the design, replace it with a fresh Send Message notation, and reconfigure it for your chat settings. This is a temporary measure that will be resolved in an upcoming release.
  1. Create a dispatch mapping that supports messaging interactions.
  2. Optionally, create and assign capacity rule settings for the amount of messaging interactions

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