Digital Channels App

CxEngage supports a digital channels integration that provides a unified solution for multiple non-voice channel types. Having a digital channels app is the first step to implementing any of these digital channels:

  • Chat
  • Facebook
  • WhatsApp

Digital Channels App for Multiple Channels

For the most part, you only require one digital channels app for multiple channel types. For example, if you already have one created for Chat, that same app can be used for WhatsApp and Facebook.

  Exception: Multiple chat widgets cannot be created with the same digital channel app in the configuration UI. Each chat widget has to have a unique digital channel app.

A digital channel app represents a customer or business as a whole, or as a complete department within the business. The app contains a set of configured channels as well as any associated user profile and conversation data. Data including users and conversations under an app is shared across the channels included within that app.

If your business or tenant has the need to separate data, you would need to create a separate app . For example, if you're supporting multiple brands under the same tenant you may want each brand to have a unique app with their own separate digital channel integrations.

Creating a Digital Channels App

This is something that is created internally; contact your CxEngage account representative to get a digital channels app created.

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