Email Templates

Email templates define the content of transactional emails. Transactional emails are sent when new or existing users are added to your tenant and when users need to reset their password. Each email template includes a subject and body. In the body, the template uses variables that get replaced with actual data, such as the user's name and the link that the user needs to click to access CxEngage.

CxEngage includes a set of default email templates. If you don't need customization, you don't need to do anything. The default email templates are fully functioning right out of the box.

If needed, you can customize an email template. In the custom version, you can update the subject and body text to use your own words. A list of supported variables is provided in the Configuration User Interface to allow you to personalize the email templates. If you customize an email template, the original template is maintained so you can reset the email template back to the original if needed.

If you require a new email type or customized elements, such as a custom "From" email address or custom domains for embedded URLs, please contact your Account Representative.

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