Creating Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

In Statistics Management, you can create multiple Service Level Agreements (SLAs) that you can assign to your tenant and to the queues in your tenant. The Service Level threshold is the number of seconds in which interactions should be answered. Additionally, you can specify how you want abandons treated for that SLA. Abandons can either count against SLA or your can define an abandon threshold so that interactions that abandon within that time are excluded form the SLA calculation.

Required Permissions

To create SLAs, you must have the default administrator role or a custom role with the CUSTOM_STATS_CREATE permission.

Creating SLAs

To create SLAs:

  1. Go to Configuration > Statistics.
  2. Click Create.

    The SLA details panel opens.

  3. Enter a Name.

    This is how the SLA is listed in menus when assigning it to a tenant or queue.

  4. Optionally, add a Description.
  5. Optionally, click the toggle to enable sharing to children tenants.

    If shared, this SLA definition is available to use in any of the current tenant's child tenants.

     Sharing is permanent. Once an SLA is shared and saved, you can't disable sharing.
  6. Next to Initial Version, click +.
  7. Enter the SLA details for the initial version.
  8. Name Description
    Name The SLA version name. This is how the version of the SLA is listed in the Active Version menu.
    Description A description of this version of the SLA.
    SLA Threshold

    The threshold, in seconds, that an interaction must meet to be counted in the Service Level statistic. For example, a value of 20 means that interactions that are answered by an agent within 20 seconds or less are counted as meeting the Service Level.

    SLA Abandon Type

    Select either:

    • Ignore Abandons (Filter Out / Exclude Short Abandons)
      • If selected, abandons that occur within the specified Abandon Threshold are excluded from the SLA calculation.
    • Count Against SLA (Include short abandons against/ in SLA)
      • If selected, abandons are counted against SLA. In other words, abandoned interactions negatively impact the SLA.

    Abandon Threshold

      This field only shows when Ignore Abandons is selected as the SLA Abandons Type. If Count Against SLA is selected, the Abandon Threshold field isn't shown.

    Enter the threshold, in seconds, that an abandoned interaction must meet to be excluded from Service Level statistics. For example, a value of 20 means that abandons that occur in 20 seconds or less are not counted within the calculation of SLA. This value does not have to be the same as the SLA Threshold value.

  9. Click Submit.

Now that you've created an SLA, you can set it as your tenant default or assign it to a queue.

  By default, SLAs are enabled when you create them. To disable an SLA, click the toggle at the top of the SLA details panel. The toggle turns grey to indicate it is disabled. If the SLA is associated with a queue or a tenant's default settings, those queues and tenants will continue to use this SLA until they are updated to use another SLA.

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