Editing Skills

You can edit a skill's details to:

  • Disable or enable the skill
  • Edit the skill name and description
  • Enable proficiency
  • Add or remove members, which updates the individual user's skill assignments

You cannot disable proficiency for a skill once it is enabled. If you no longer want proficiency enabled for this skill, you can do one of the following.

  • Leave the skill as is, remove the assigned member's settings, and continue using the skill as desired without proficiency settings
  • Disable the skill and create a new skill with proficiency left disabled

Edit a Skill

To make updates to a skill: 

  1. Go to User Management > Skills
  2. Click on the skill that you want to edit to open the Skill panel
  3. Make the necessary updates
  4. Click Submit

Editable Skill Details - Quick Reference

Item Update Options
Skill Status Enable or disable
Name Free form entry
Description Free form entry
Has Proficiency Enable - If currently enabled, no option to disable
Members Add users and assign their proficiency rating (if enabled), or remove current members


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