Known Issues

Last Updated: August 26, 2021

The following list includes current known issues with the platform. If the issue has an applicable workaround, it is included with the issue.

If a known issue is resolved with one of our CxEngage releases, the issue will be removed from this list and the fix details included in the release notes.

If you experience an issue that isn't included on this list or mentioned in an upcoming release, please contact our Support team or your account representative.

Issue Details Known Work Around

Disabled Contact Search

(North American region only)

We are temporarily disabling contact searching within Skylight Desktop. This temporary update is required while we complete necessary platform performance improvements and will be re-enabled once those are complete.

  This update does not impact contact searches through a flow notation’s configuration, or contact searching in a third-party CRM.
Update as of February 13, 2020: Contact search is enabled, and works for all scenarios other than fuzzy wildcard searches against email addresses.

Business Hours V2/ Check Business Hours Flow Notation:

Business Hours Entity Not Updated When Switching from Flow Viewer to Flow Designer

  This issue applies to versions published prior to the Business Hours V2 conversion
When switching from the flow viewer to flow designer by clicking the New Draft button, the new draft does not automatically update the Business Hours input parameter in the Check Business Hours notation. You need to manually select the Business Hours entity before publishing the draft. Create a new draft from the Flows Management page instead of the viewer. All of the Check Business Hours notations will automatically have the Business Hours entities updated.
Navigating Away from Interaction Monitoring Page Disconnects Call An issue occurs if you start monitoring a call, navigate away from the Interaction Monitoring page, and then return to the Interaction Monitoring page. In this scenario, you are disconnected from the call. This issue will be addressed in a future release. N/A
Transfer List Changes Causing Other Adjustments to Revert to Original Settings

For Transfer Lists created in the previous version of the configuration UI Transfer List Management page, changes to anything under a Transfer List group may intermittently revert other recent changes back to their original state.

This issue does not impact Transfer Lists created in the updated version of Transfer List Management, released as an Early Access feature in November 2019 and then as General Availability in early 2020.

  • When editing anything under a Transfer List group, open and change/re-save each entry, even if no changes are required, to preserve the current entry.
  • Alternatively, the Transfer List can be recreated entirely in the updated version of the page.
Silent Monitoring Signals Sent to Incorrect Participant In a small number of instances, the signals sent during a silent monitoring action have been sent to the incorrect resource. In these instances, instead of signaling the resource completing the monitoring the messages were sent to the agent being monitored. This isn't a valid message for Skylight, so an error message is presented to the agent when this occurs that states "Failed to process message." N/A
Using Skylight With Internet Explorer 11

Skylight does not load properly with Internet Explorer Version 11 for Windows (IE11).

This is now expected behavior. CxEngage no longer supports this browser.

Switch to a supported browser. We recommend using the most recent stable version of Google Chrome to provide the best user experience.
Newly Created Tenants Not Immediately Displayed in Tenant List When creating a tenant, the loading indicator spins indefinitely in the side panel even though the tenant was successfully created. The newly created tenant isn't listed in the tenant selection drop-down menu (top left corner) or on the Tenant Management page. Refresh the page to see the new tenant listed in the tenant selection menu. Select the tenant from this menu to see it listed on the Tenant Management page.
Unsaved Changes Messaging For Capacity Rule Drafts If you select any capacity rule directly after discarding the changes to a draft capacity rule, the Unsaved Changes warning appears again. This message is presented even though there are no longer any unsaved changes. To proceed with opening the capacity rule’s details panel, click OK on the Unsaved Changes warning. This issue will be addressed in an upcoming release. Click OK on the Unsaved Changes warning
Unsaved Changes Messaging For Capacity Rule Drafts If you select any capacity rule directly after discarding the changes to a draft capacity rule, the Unsaved Changes warning appears again. This message is presented even though there are no longer any unsaved changes. To proceed with opening the capacity rule’s details panel, click OK on the Unsaved Changes warning. This issue will be addressed in an upcoming release. Click OK on the Unsaved Changes warning
Agent Details Table Realtime Report We are aware of performance issues with loading the Agent Details Table in realtime reporting for larger tenants. If you're loading the report on a tenant with a large number of agents, it can take a few moments to load or, in some extreme cases, present an error. Updates to resolve this are in progress and will be included in a future release. N/A
Custom Images Do Not Show When Exporting to PDF in Author Report (Historical Reporting) An issue occurs when a custom image (for example, a logo) is added to reports in Author Reports using the Add Image function. The image appears on the canvas, but it does not appear when the report is exported to PDF. N/A
Duplicate System Messages for Chat on Agent Disconnect

If an agent has Wrap Up disabled and ends a chat interaction, customers will receive duplicate system messages advising of the disconnecting agent.

Enable Wrap Up
Skylight Toaster Notification Time Incorrect If your computer time is incorrect, the toaster notification for a work offer timeout displays incorrectly. The timer, however, will still count down the expected amount of time set in the flow settings. For example, if the timeout is set for 30 seconds on a work offer, and the agent’s desktop time has drifted, the toaster notification might show a timeout of 140 seconds. In this example, the timeout will still occur after 30 seconds when the timer displays 110 seconds. If this issue is noticed the user should sync their desktop clock to ensure the time is correct.
Custom Searches for CxQM Recordings Using the Return Total Record Count option on custom searches for CxQM recordings results in the query results taking 10+ minutes to return. The option has been disabled for all restricted users to avoid this issue until it is addressed in an upcoming release. Avoid enabling the Return Total Record Count option on custom searches.
Delivery of Scheduled Reports It was found in some cases that scheduled reports in Historical Reporting V1 may be delayed or filtered depending on your email server settings. This is due to scheduled reports in Historical Reporting V1 being sent from If you or any intended recipients aren't receiving the scheduled reports, check your junk or spam folders and ensure that emails from are allowed. This issue is also addressed in Historical Reporting.
Flow Design Scenario Caused Dead Air Calls A rare issue was identified with a specific scenario resulting in dead air calls to agents. The scenario specifically applied if there was an action such as a Play Media notation between the Work Offer and Conference Resource notations in the resource portion of a flow. If the caller disconnected during the work offer to the agent, but prior to the agent answering, the agent would still be offered the call but as dead air. N/A
Work Offer Timeout Scenario Caused Dead Air Calls An infrequent issue was identified with work offer timeouts causing dead air calls to agents. When an agent missed a call work offer, there was a small timeframe in which their phone continued to ring after the work offer had already moved to the next agent. In some cases, if the agent answered the call during this time, they would only hear dead air. N/A
Unable to Navigate From Interaction Monitoring to Silent Monitoring Page An issue has been identified with accessing the Silent Monitoring page. If navigating to the page from the Interaction Monitoring page, it appears to refresh but does not change the URL nor successfully change.

Navigate to another page within CxEngage , then to the Silent Monitoring page.

Unable to Play Full Audio of Call Recording In some rare cases when listening to longer call recordings, the full length of the recording may not completely buffer prior to necessary security tokens expiring. This results in only the first part of the recording being available for listening. A refresh may be require to completely buffer the recording. You can also download the call recording to listen outside of the browser.
Duplicate Session Causes Transfer Menu to Add New Entry Upon Browser Refresh When an agent has a duplicate session and reloads their browser while in the transfer menu, that agent will show a second time in the transfer list. A new entry is inserted for every subsequent refresh. N/A
Switching To a New Capacity Rule Does Not Give Warning

Switching to a new capacity rule when creating a version does not give warning to the user that navigating away from the page will cause their changes (the new version) to be lost.

Scheduled to be resolved with the April 4, 2020 release.

Avoid navigating away from current capacity rule without saving.
Unable to Change New Users Role When a tenant administrator creates a new user, prior to the user accepting the invitation they are unable to change that user's role. Enter in the First Name or Last Name Fields and change the Tenant Role , you can then hit Submit , which will update the details.
Removed "External Contact ID" Shows Blank in Reporting When using Skylight and removing the external customer ID from a record the external ID will show and blank in reporting where interactions that never had an external customer ID associated with them show "-" instead. N/A
Unsaved Data Warnings Do Not Always Display Not all pages in that an administrator is configuring will warn the user about unsaved changes before navigating away from the current page. Avoid navigating away from current pages without saving.
First and Last Name Not Saved on Invite Accept Page When creating a new user on the platform from the user configuration window, the first and last name entered are ignored and do not pre-populate when the user accepts their account. The new user will need to enter the first and last name themselves when accepting the invite.
Using Same Listener Credentials Causes Duplicate Entries Currently you cannot use the same email credentials (same email inbox) on two different tenants at the simultaneously. This will result in duplicate work offer messages showing up to agents. Avoid using the same email credentials on separate tenants.
MMS Messages Not Supported in SMS Conversations SMS conversations do not currently support images or attachments. MMS is currently not supported but is planned to be added in a future release. N/A
Special Characters in Flow Name Breaks Reusable Flow Some non-alphanumeric characters in reusable flow names can cause the name of the reusable flow to not appear in the design palette. Avoid using special characters in reusable flow names.
Silent Monitoring Timeout The timeout for connecting a silent monitoring request is hard-coded at 18 seconds. N/A
Date Column Sorting on Header Does Not Work When sorting a table by date via the ascending or descending toggles on the headers, it doesn't properly sort the rows. When sorting by ascending date, it'll sort all dates within the year correctly, but the years are out of order. N/A
0 Values Being Filtered When They Should Not When filtering historical reports some filters ignore values that are 0. For example, when filtering on the Interaction Summary report, if you select all tenants that have a wrap-up time of less than 300 seconds, all tenants with a time of 0 seconds are filtered out alongside the rows that would have >= 300 seconds. N/A
Some Expressions Cannot be Added to Historical Reports When adding KPIs to historical reports the following expressions are unavailable to add to the report:
• Total Conversation Time
• Avg Abandon Time
• Avg Agent Conversation Time
• Avg Queue Time
Transferred Interactions in Realtime Reporting Disappear if the Originating Agent is in Wrap-up After an interaction is transferred to another agent, if the original agent enters wrap-up, the interaction disappears from realtime interaction stats until the original agent is finished wrap-up. The call then appears in realtime interaction reports as appropriate. N/A
Unclear Statistic Names in Custom Realtime Dashboards

The following statistics are missing user-friendly translated names for the statistic value:

  • add-participant-count
  • add-participant-handed-off-count
  • add-participant-time
  • agent-customer-hold-abandoned-count
  • consult-time
  • customer-hold-abandoned-count
  • customer-hold-time
  • customer-holds-count
  • customer-response-time
  • interactions-in-queue-time
  • interactions-silent-monitored-count
  • resource-initiated-customer-hold-time
  • resource-response-time
  • silent-monitoring-sessions-count
  • silent-monitoring-supervisors-count
  • silent-monitoring-time
  • transfer-count
Missing Work Offer Causes Two Rows in Agent Presence Reason Detail Report

When an agent misses a work offer and is paused it will result in the agent showing up as paused twice in reports. One entry showing paused for one second and the other row showing the actual real paused time.

Resolved with CxEngage MR 21.08.28

Shared Presence Reasons ignored in Agent Presence Reports When an agent selects a presence reason that is shared from a parent tenant the reason will properly show up in real-time agent session table but in the historical Agent Presence Reason Detail/Summary reports the presence reason is missing. N/A
Rejecting Agent Linked to Interaction Instead of Answering Agent If the first agent (segment 0) rejects the work offer and then the second agent (segment 1) accepts the work offer the second agent's segment is not linked to the interaction. N/A
Artifact API Does Not Return Timestamp for Conference Recording The timestamp for conference recordings is not returned in the artifact API. N/A
Loading Animations and Messages in Historical Reporting Do Not Appear in Firefox In Firefox, when loading Historical Reports the loading animations/messages do not appear. Use an another browser, such as Chrome, when running Historical reports.
Customer Abandon During Work Offer Counted Twice When a customer disconnects in the middle of an add-participant work offer the Customer Abandons statistic is increased by 2 instead of 1. N/A
Shared Dispositions Are Not Accessible in Interaction Detail Report When calls handled on a child tenant are dispositioned using a shared disposition inherited from a parent tenant, the call details do not display on the Interaction Details report on the child tenant which processed the call. N/A
Contact Search in New Interaction Window is Focused After Contact Merge When a user merges two contacts in a new interaction window in Skylight Desktop, the newly merged contact is placed into the right side panel and the contact search bar becomes focused as if the user should input something new into the search field, unnecessarily. N/A
Clicking the History Refresh Repeatedly Causes Older Dates to Show First and is Stuck on Pagination In Skylight, clicking the history refresh button repeatedly can cause older dates to show first and get stuck on. Avoid clicking the refresh button repeatedly.
Hold Issue with PSTN Click to Dial If you try to place a participant on hold before that participant has answered the phone, it may result in both parties being disconnected and the interaction coming to an end. It is recommended that agents do not put participants on hold until they have answered the call.
Contacts Name After Receiving Message Has Capital Letters in It In Skylight messaging, sometimes characters are automatically capitalized when they shouldn't be. N/A
Work Offer Timer Upon Receiving Same Interaction Shows Again as "0" If the same agent receives a work offer for the same interaction twice, the second time the agent receives the work offer the time to accept the work offer will be displayed as zero instead of the actual work offer time. N/A
Recording Does Not Capture Warm Transfer Consultations

CxEngage does not currently capture recordings of agent consults while the customer is on hold, with the default telephony service. We plan on addressing this in the future.

  • This does not apply to recordings completed with a quality management integration, such as CxQM..