About Folders

Folders in Historical Reporting enable you to organize your custom reports and dashboards.

By default, you have three folders:

  • My Items: The folder where all your custom reports, dashboards, and analyses are saved by default. This is a top-level folder. You can create subfolders within this folder.
  • My Visualizations: The folder where all of your visualizations are saved. You can share visualizations directly within this folder.
  • Shared with Me: The folder where any custom reports, dashboards, or analyses that another user in your tenant shares with you are saved by default. This is a top-level folder. You cannot create sub-folders within this folder; however, if another user shares a folder with you, it becomes a subfolder of the Shared with Me folder. You can drag and drop items in this folder into your My Items folder or any subfolders in My Items.


If you move an item that is shared with you (report, dashboard, or analysis) from the Shared with Me folder to one of your folders, it is still considered shared. If the owner of the item makes changes to the shared item, you will see these changes the next time you go to it. If you are currently viewing the item that the owner modified, refresh the page to see the changes.

To view a list of folders, analysis sets, custom reports, and custom dashboards:

  1. Go to Reporting > Historical Reporting.
  2. Click Home ().

Follow the steps in these on working with folders:

Required Permissions

To access Historical Reporting and work with folders, you must have the following:

  • Historical Reporting enabled for your tenant. 

    Please contact your account representative for more information if this is not currently enabled.

  •  A role that has the CONFIG_REPORTING_BI_VIEW permission.