Organizing Custom Reports, Dashboards, and Analyses Folders in Historical Reporting

Use folders to manage and organize your analyses, dashboards, and reports. You can share folders with other users in your tenant. By default, folders are listed in the order that you add them. You can create folders within folders, rename folders, or move them into other folders. You can also delete bookmarks that you no longer need.

To view a list of folders, analysis sets, custom reports, and custom dashboards:

  1. Go to Reporting > Historical Reporting.
  2. Click Advanced Reports.
  3. Click Home ().

Folders are listed on the left side of the page. The two default folders are:

  • My Items: The folder where all your custom reports, dashboards, and analyses are saved by default. This is a top-level folder. You can create subfolders within this folder.
  • My Visualizations: The folder where all of your visualizations are saved. You can share visualizations directly within this folder.
  • Shared with Me: The folder where any custom reports, dashboards, or analyses that another user in your tenant shares with you are saved by default. This is a top-level folder. You cannot create sub-folders within this folder; however, if another user shares a folder with you, it becomes a subfolder of the Shared with Me folder. You can drag and drop items in this folder into your My Items folder or any subfolders in My Items.

Managing folders:

Managing items:

Creating a Folder

  1. Hover your mouse pointer over the folder that you want to add a sub-folder to.

    The top-level folder is called My Items.

  2. Click Actions ().
  3. Click Add New Folder.

    An Add New Folder window opens.

  4. In New Folder Name, enter a name for the folder.
  5. Click Done.

    The folder is added in the side menu.

Moving Folders

To move a folder, click the folder icon next to the folder name and drag it into the folder where you want it to be located. You can't change the order of the sub-folders within a folder.

Only items in the My Items folder appear on the home page. On the home page, move it into the My Items folder.

Renaming Folders

  1. Hover your mouse over the folder you want to rename.
  2. Click Actions ().

    A Rename Folder window opens.

  3. In Rename this Folder, enter the new name.
  4. Click Done.

Deleting Folders

Deleting a folder also deletes the bookmarks contained within it.

  1. Hover your mouse over the folder you want to delete.
  2. Click Actions ().
  3. Click Delete.
  4. On the confirmation message, click OK.

Moving Items into Folders

To move items into a folder, click the move icon () next to the bookmark name and drag it into the folder where you want it located.

  If you move an item that is shared with you (report, dashboard, or analysis) from the Shared with Me folder to one of your folders, it is still considered shared. If the owner of the item makes changes to the shared item, you will see these changes the next time you go to it. If you are currently viewing the item that the owner modified, refresh the page to see the changes

Sorting Reports, Dashboards, and Analyses

To sort the list alphabetically, click the Title column header. To sort the list by the date the items were saved, click the Saved column header.

Deleting Reports, Dashboards, and Analyses

To delete an item from the Home page:

  1. Click Delete () next to the item you're deleting.
  2. Click OK on the confirmation message.

    Click Cancel if you don't want to delete the item.

  Deleting an analysis that includes a visualization (chart, table, or crosstab) that is on a dashboard or report doesn't remove the chart from any dashboards or dashboard that it is on. If you saved visualizations from an analysis to the Visual Gallery and then delete the analysis, the visualizations are still available in the Visual Gallery. To delete visualizations from the Visual Gallery, see Removing Visualizations from the Visual Gallery.