Click to Dial

Click to Dial is a flow notation that enables several different features for various use cases, depending on your tenant and flow configurations.

  • If you're using Skylight with a CRM, Skylight Desktop, or the Agent Toolbar with Salesforce, you can make outbound calls using Click to Dial. With Click to Dial you can click a customer's telephone number in Salesforce and the Agent Toolbar will automatically dial that number. If you haven't already done so, you may need to configure the Agent Toolbar in Salesforce.
  • Outbound calls initiated through the dial pad require a Click to Dial flow.
  • You can initiate an outbound SMS interaction using Click to Dial.
  • Click to Dial can be used to request an outbound call by creating an interaction in CxEngage through an API request. You can have an outbound call request triggered by a customer through another medium such as a web form which can be routed to a queue.

To use Click to Dial, you'll need to set up the following in CxEngage:

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