About Facebook Integrations

CxEngage supports a digital channel integration that provides an interactive Facebook Messenger experience for you and your customers through your existing business Facebook page. This integrated solution provides a more robust and unified digital channel experience than the previous Facebook integration, which is being deprecated and should no longer be used.

This Facebook integration includes features such as:

  • allowing customers and agents to communicate with text and non-text messages including images and GIFs
  • customer notifications including agent connecting/disconnecting from conversation, message read indicators, and agent typing notifications
  • conversation histories that persist for users, meaning a new conversation from a customer will include the message history from a previous one for both the customer and agent

Required Permissions

Specific permissions are required to manage the Facebook integration and messaging capabilities. These permissions are included in the default Administrator role. Users with a custom role who want to use the feature need to have a role with the following permissions:


Facebook Checklist

To implement the Facebook integration on your tenant: 

  1. Contact your CxEngage account representative to have a Digital Channels App crated for your tenant, if one doesn't already exist for another channel type such as Chat or WhatsApp.
  2. Create your Facebook App (if one doesn't already exist) and configure it for CxEngage.
  3. Gather your Facebook App details and generate a user access token.
  4. Publish an interaction flow that supports messaging interactions.
  5. Create the Dispatch Mapping for your Facebook integration.
  6. Optionally, create and assign capacity rules for the amount of messaging interactions.

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