Logging in to Skylight Desktop

When you log into Skylight Desktop, you are prompted to enter your CxEngage credentials.

  1. Go to the Skylight Desktop URL for your tenant's region:
  2. Optionally, click the globe () in the bottom left corner to select your language.

    English -US is the default language.

  3. Authenticate using either your CxEngage credentials or SSO:

    CxEngage Credentials

    1. Enter your CxEngage username and password.

      Your username is your email address.

    2. Optionally, select Remember Me check box.

      If you select this check box, your username automatically populates when you log in at the same location in the future.

    3. Click Sign In.

    SSO Credentials

    1. Click Sign in with SSO.

      Alternatively, go directly to the SSO login page for your region:

    2. Enter your CxEngage email address.
    3. Click Next.

      A new window or tab opens to your SSO provider's log in page.

    4. If you are prompted, enter your SSO credentials.

      You are then redirected back to Skylight.

  4. If you belong to more than one tenant, you are prompted to select a tenant.
    1. From the drop-down menu, select the tenant that you are logging in to.

      Your default tenant is selected.  If you belong to more than one tenant, you can select another tenant in the list. If you logged in using SSO for the default tenant and want to choose another tenant, you might be required to authenticate with another identity provider for access. If you are required authenticate with another identity provider, the tenants are highlighted in gray with a log out icon (). If you select one of those tenants, you are taken back to the login page, so you can authenticate with the required identity provider.

    2. Click Send.

You are logged in to Skylight Desktop in a Not Ready state.

  • If you can't log in, you might not have a default Presence Reason list for your tenant or you aren't assigned a list. If this is the case, an error message is shown indicating that you need a Presence Reason list. If you see the error message, please contact your administrator.
  • If you are logging in for the first time, you will need to allow the page to use your microphone by clicking the "Allow" button in the notification menu advising "Use your microphone". The microphone access is needed in order for the application to function correctly.

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