Logging In With Timed Presence

Timed Presence is a CxEngage function that enables an agent to receive calls on a configured PSTN telephone line without being logged into Skylight or an agent toolbar.

Timed Presence must be fully configured before an agent can successfully log in. Refer to Configuring Timed Presence for instructions on setting the agent extension as well as creating the necessary flow and dispatch mapping.

Once they are logged in with Timed Presence, agents can receive and handle calls directly on their telephone. Timed Presence calls have limited functionality and don't have all of the features that are available in the Agent Toolbar. For example, Timed Presence agents do not have the ability to disposition their calls even if a list for disposition codes is available.

To log in using Timed Presence: 

  1. Call the Timed Presence telephone number for your tenant using the phone that is configured as your PSTN extension.
    You must call from the same phone that is configured on your profile in order to be recognized by the IVR.
  2. Listen to the IVR prompts for instructions on how to log in for the desired length of time, and enter your selection with your telephone keypad when you are ready.
    • The IVR options include preset hour settings to choose from as well as an option to press 9 to enter a custom number of hours.
  3. Wait for a confirmation message advising that you are online. When you hear this message, you can end the call.
    You are now available to receive calls for the specified time.

If you hear a message advising that your user details couldn't be located, confirm that you are calling to log in from the same telephone number that is configured on your user profile as your PSTN extension.

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