About Outbound Identifiers

An outbound identifier is the phone number, SMS number, or email address that displays to the customer when agents make an outbound interaction. You can create a list of outbound identifiers which enables agents to select which one they want to use. Being able to choose an outbound identifier is useful for users that are working on outbound campaigns for multiple brands. A contact number, such as a phone number, needs to appear to the customer that it is the brand's phone number.

After you create a list of outbound identifiers, you can assign the list to users, either directly or through skills or groups, so that they see a list of outbound identifier options under the Tenant menu in the Global Footer of the Skylight or Skylight Desktop interface.

To create and manage outbound identifiers, you must belong to the default Administrator role or to a custom role that includes the following role permissions:


To get started with outbound identifiers, use the following procedures:

  1. Create outbound identifiers
  2. Create an outbound identifier list
  3.  Assign the outbound identifier list to a user, skill, or group.
  Outbound Identifiers are not currently supported for click to dial in Skylight for Zendesk. Outbound Identifiers can only be used for outbound interactions in Zendesk when using the dial pad.

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